Susan Slesinger – Horizon

Event Horizon

For this challenge, Horizon, I chose to use a specific type of horizon, which is different from the way we normally think of a horizon in everyday terms.   An Event Horizon is the boundary marking the limits of a black hole. Nothing inside the event horizon can escape or cross the boundary, including light.

In April 2019 astronomers shared the first photograph taken of the shadow of a black hole in the Messier 87 galaxy, and its surrounding event horizon. The shadow of the black hole is the closest that we can get to seeing the actual black hole, an object so dense that no light can escape from it. The Event Horizon telescope ( is actually a planet wide array of eight ground based radio-telescopes forged through international cooperation. This collaboration resulted in the science producing the photograph.

It seemed that the release of this photograph when I was looking for a subject for this challenge was fortuitous, and it led to my choice of subject. I chose to mark the release of this photograph, achieved through international cooperation in this quilt. This is my interpretation of the photograph.

Techniques: Fabric painting, raw edge fusible machine applique, decorative machine stitching, couching, machine quilting

Materials: Commercially printed cotton fabrics, , 100% cotton batting, Jacquiard Luniere paint, novelty knitting yarns, Wonderfil Invisifil© polyester thread. Wonderfil Glamore© Rayon and metallic thread, Wonderfil Decobob polyester thread, variegated cotton thread.


Close up views:


Original picture:

  1. Good contrast between light and dark. The black hole is frightening, but in your quilt it is like a horizon. You almost have to go in….

  2. joanbrailsford

    An interesting interpretation of the theme, and effective use of contrast. The black background really makes the rich colours stand out, and your addition of novelty yarns and details gives further interest. Well done

  3. Wow! Two quilts with this subject in one collection. Very nice contrast and effect. Well done!

  4. Striking contrast between the bright fiery colors against the darkness of outer space. Your use of fun yarn, thread and quilting add nice texture and draws you in. Well done Susan!

  5. How interesting that the two of you thought about the same horizon yet you saw it so differently. Good job!

  6. Very interesting interpretation of the theme. It shows the scientist behind the quilt ! Your painted fabric enhanced by the novelty yarns gives a good idea of the picture.

  7. I like your painting and contrast. Your decorative work by stitching gives excellent value to the composition. Well done.

  8. Maryte Collard

    Interesting and intriguing theme. Love your technique.

  9. studiociboulette

    Beautiful! I love the colors you used and all the quilting details.

  10. You did a good job with this quilt. the painting and decorative stitching is very well done.

  11. carolinehiggs

    Well interpreted, good work.

  12. Very interesting. Beautiful colors and contrast

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