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Poultry Dance

Victor Delfin, a leading sculptor and painter living in Lima, Peru is inspired by a pre-Incan culture known as the Paracas. Their art was filled with colorful and living images. Delifin’s work is seen as mysterious and magical, transmitting some of the world view of this disappeared nation. His artwork portrays strong political themes and he uses a wide variety of materials. Because of his multiple art styles, Delfin is often seen as an experimentalist.

Delfin’s use of color blocking drew me to his artwork. I enjoy working in whimsical style and felt I could imitate Defin with my artwork. While not meant to totally remind you of Delfin, it should at the very least bring a smile to your face.

Detail view “Sunbird” 1979 Inspiration piece by Victor Delfin

  1. I did have a chuckle, wonderful and creative deign and tank you for introducing me to his work.

  2. Wow, what an impressive poultry! Now you make me to look more for this new to me artist, great job!

  3. carolinehiggs

    I love the way that you have appropriated the colour blocking to create your own whimsical image. The colours pop, and yes, it did make me smile! Great work.

  4. Those eyes, lol, it did make me smile! A playful take of his style and yours. Well done!

  5. quilterpaola

    Perfectly successful caricature interpretation. A piece that will make Delfin and many others smile. But what sympathy and joy in this chicken look. I really like the chosen colour combination, and this blue fascinates me. Well done!

  6. A new artist for me too ! and yes I couldn’t help but smile when I discovered your chicken !
    I like how the striped background brings out the pattern.

  7. Indeed, your work has brought a smile to my face. I really liked the colors you used. I never heard about this artist. thanks for the story.

  8. I love this! Great idea to make a combination of the striped background and the dotted chicken.

  9. I love this chicken! The colours are great but it is the bird’s expression that is so amusing.

  10. Maryte Collard

    Your chicken is mysterious and magical and your take on Delfin’s style is interesting but I can see the connection. Thank you for making us smile 🙂

  11. Thanks for making us all smile! Love your very own interpretation of the artist’s work. The colours pop and the combination of striped background and polka dotted chicken is lovely and whimsical.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Such a quirky representation of the animal style, that is a refreshing twist on this artist. I love your combination of colours and the work ois beautifully done.

  13. You really made me smile. What a wonderful whimsical bird. The use of the contrasting stripes and polka dots designs makes it even more stand out. Bravo.

  14. studiociboulette

    Great whimsical work. Bravo

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