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Tranquil cloud   

As I spent more time in the Altiplano conversing with Quechua and Aymara speakers it became clear to me that their traditional literature has been passed on orally through stories, poems and songs. Most of their songs are beautiful poems about love and work in the countryside. For my quilt about literature, I decided to illustrate a song from Huancavelica. The title in Quechua is Puyu tiyachkan (Tranquil cloud).

Puyu tiyachkan


Chimpa urqupis

puyu tiyachkan

manas puyuchu

chayllay puyuqa

Warma yanaypa


puyu tukuspa



Tranquil cloud


It looks like right in front, on that hill,

there is a seated cloud.

It is no a cloud,

that cloud.

It is the shadow 

of my beloved

faking to be a cloud

she shelters me, she supports me. 

[ Hauncavelican song, book: canciones del ganado y pastores by Sergio Quijada Jara ( Huancayo, 1957).]

Materials and technique: cotton fabric, cotton batting, poly thread, cotton embroidery floss, printing ink, woodblock. Machine pieced, machine quilted, woodblock print, raw edge applique, hand embroidered.


  1. What a beautiful poem and I love the way you interpreted this with the choice of fabric and design. Bravo

  2. The beauty of simplicity to describe a great feeling! The red thread continues in your series. Bravo.

  3. Beautiful poem perfectly executed in fabric, great job!

  4. Great choice of text well executed in fabric and stitch. You are managing to create a very harmonious series; lovely work.

  5. I love your work. It’s so naive and the colors are so pleasant and calm. Well done/

  6. Lovely illustration of this poem !
    I love the colours and the simplicity of shapes.

  7. As always I am so in awe of your composition. Beautiful interpretation of the poem.
    So nice to see the alpaca as a repeating element in your whole series. Awesome.

  8. I love the simplicity of this – the poem and the quilt. Very peaceful.

  9. What can I say? It has been said many times already- what a beautiful song and beautiful quilt. Love it to tears.

  10. What a beautiful and moving poem, and your work captures its feeling of melancholy and peacefulness. I love this piece

  11. How wonderful that someone was able to translate, transcribe and recreate the oral literature of the Quechua and Aymara speakers. Beautiful interpretation and composition. Love it!

  12. Such a lovely interpretation of a beautifully simple piece of prose. Your colors are clear and bright.

  13. Thanks for sharing this lovely and simple poem, love your powerful image.

  14. Such a beautiful composition an a great use of colors.

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