Joan Brailsford – Country – Flora/Fauna

Reindeer and Spruce

My flora and fauna design is inspired by reindeer and Norway spruce trees (and is probably influenced by the fact that winter has arrived in my part of the world!).

I have used a mixture of commercial and hand-dyed fabric in a ‘loose’ type of log-cabin design around a central panel of batik fabric that ‘spoke’ to me of spruce branches. I used colours that reminded me of winter and ice. I hand-quilted the central panel using a pale green silk thread. Instead of depicting a whole reindeer I chose to use only the antler shapes and to repeat these, so that they give the inpression of a moving, browisng herd (in my head, anyway). I fused these to the backing and handstiched them down Finally I completed the quilting by hand-stitching a representation of snowflakes over the surface and around the antlers. I used a wider binding than I normally do because I felt that it fitted better with the log-cabin design.

Detail views:


  1. How creative, love the repeating patterns of the antlers, I just love the way batik fabrics talk to us. The “Log Cabin” was a great choice as a background. Well done

  2. I love this abstract interpretation, the swirling antlers give the impression of circling reindeer in the cold tundra landscape and the spruce centre piece is a really good anchor. Beautiful work.

  3. Brilliant idea of creative mix of antlers and branches, love the wintery, nordic feel in it!

  4. You have found a good idea to mix reindeer and spruce with the log cabin technique. You have used the right colours palette to represent winter is coming. Well done.

  5. I love the way you think and the way you convey it on your quilt. especily the antler shapes. I can feel a winter atmosphere in your work. well done.

  6. studiociboulette

    What a clever way to represent fauna. I love it. your quilts really make me wanting to visit Norway. Beautiful attention to details. Bravo!

  7. I can feel the cold breath coming out of your piece. Very creative, I love what is going on in your head! Also love the texture created by hand stitching.

  8. Chantal Guillermet

    Lovely choice of icy fabrics ! I like how the antllers are dancing around your piece !

  9. Just by looking at this beautiful piece I can really feel the nordic cold. I love how you just used the antler shapes and created a very pleasant composition. Bravo!

  10. Your quilt certainly conveys a sense of coldness with its icy color pallete. The repetition of the antler pattern adds to the feeling of movement. Very nice.

  11. Lovely! This really says “winter” – the colours especially, highlighted by your stitching. Love the antlers representing herds of reindeer.

  12. What a clever and unique composition. Love the sense of movement you created with the background and swirling antlers. The cool colors and hand quilted snowflakes add to the wintery feel. Well done!

  13. A lovely composition of antlers around the spruce in the middle. One can easily imagine a large herd of reindeer by looking at your quilt. The clever choice of fabrics makes for a wintry feel that is further increased by the inclusion of the snow flakes. Well done!

  14. This is really cold winter weather. By using just antlers you give us the feeling the reindeer are there. Well done!

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