Paola Zanda – Artist style #5

“Paris Without End”, one of the last works of Alberto Giacometti, was a production of lithographs about the visions of Paris as streets, monuments, and café of Montparnasse. This collection of 150 pieces was published in 1969. With my quilt, I reproduce a district of Paris with its typical buildings.

Colicot cotton dyed in layers with acrylic colours.
Machine quilting with embroidery and sewing threads in cotton.

  1. Very effective stitching which has produced a very interesting piece of work. Fantastic work, well done.

  2. The faded colors of the background are so nice. Your quilting is very well done.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    The gradient colours of the background fabric are very subtle and highlight the black sketch of the city.
    For untrained eyes the difference with a pencil drawing is hard to see !

  4. Bravo, your attention to detail is amazing giving us a eye catching interpretation of the lithograph. Bravo

  5. A striking, well balanced and beautifully stitched composition. Well done!

  6. studiociboulette

    Gorgeous thread drawing, I love the way you take the drawings to fabric. Beautiful!

  7. Your work leaves me speechless. Just a few black lines but you create an amazing depth. Love your work!

  8. You really know how to stitch Giacometti, very Parisian and… very you!

  9. Very clever stitching to create a city scene. Well done.

  10. Really amazing stitching, leaves me awe struck. How effective this black and white thread painting. The bit of color in the background emphasizes the perspective and depth. Bravo.

  11. It is amazing how a few seemingly simple lines can evoke such strong emotion! Very nicely done.

  12. I like the way that your design reflects the lithographic style of the artist. The black and white palette works really well in your series and this impression of Paris is no exception. Well done

  13. This is so effective. Just simple lines that gives the impression of large buildings. Love the black and white palette. Bravo.,

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