Els Mommers – Botanics – Hibiscus

My initial goal was to do some eco printing and use these fabrics as a background for stenciling a drawing of the “poor man’s” orchid that is surrounding us at the moment.
But after several attempts the eco-dyeing didn’t work (see my blog).
In my stash of photographs I found a picture of a hibiscus and since these beautiful flowers are everywhere on the island I decided to change subject and technique.
In the meantime I was doing a fusing online workshop by Melody Johnson, so I choose to use this technique.


Hand dyeing, fusing, raw edge appliqué, threadpainting and free motion quilting.

Handdyed cotton poplin, handdyed silk, Wonder Under, polyesther and silk quilting thread.

For pictures of the process see my blog: http://kunamola.blogspot.com



Close up view




  1. So colourful, Els! And a reminder to me of all the hibiscus I saw on my visit to Cuba in 2015.

  2. I knew this tropical flower was yours Els. I love the choice of colours. Thank you for explaining all the processes too to get to such a flamboyant hibiscus flower.

  3. I love the vibrance of the colours and the use of contrast stitching, great piece of work.

  4. So colourful , it is really you Els ! the process is very interesting and the result stunning !

  5. Els, beautiful design…so vibrant and the motion you have captured of the flower is supurb. Thank you for sharing your technique. Bravo

  6. English quilter

    A beautiful hibiscus. I love the colours and tropical feel of this vibrant work. The details of the stitching are beautiful.

  7. I like this much better than the eco printing! It looks like it is painted like Susan Brubacker does. Very colorful quilt and perfect stitching.

  8. http://ekeskleurdesign.blogspot.no/

    What a lovely quilt, vibrant colours and detailed stitching. You and the Melody Johnson technique have a good match I see. It really became an Els’ piece and it is a pleasure to look at it. Of course I love the way you explained your process on your blog. Lovely work!

  9. Very bright and cheerful. This must be a beautiful flower in reality – it’s certainly beautiful here.

  10. Sorry that the eco-dying didn’t work for you, but nevertheless your quilt is wonderful. The colours are so vibrant and cheerful, and your thread painting is exactly right. This is another of your triumphs

  11. One of my favourite flowers. I have them in my gardens in Oman and Cyprus. Interesting interpretation. Lovely stitching

  12. Awesome, Els! They’re beautiful flowers, and your colors and stitching are wonderful.

  13. A wonderful hibiscus so colourful with beautiful stitching

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