Caro Higgs – C

Corniglia in the Cinque Terra

Inspiration: The Cinque Terra, and more particularly Corniglia which is perched on an outcrop above the sea, and a rusting balcony seen during my visit.

Continuing with the snapshot idea this time I have placed the subject behind the balcony. I wanted to convey a sketchy feel to the background of the tightly packed houses in the coastal village of Corniglia, one of the Cinque Terra villages on the North Western coast of Italy. The photograph was taken from a footpath high above the village, I have increased the density of the colours as the day I was there the sun wasn’t shining. I love the way that this village is sited on an outcrop above the sea hence only the sea is visible rather than sky. The balcony was seen on a building along the way, I was drawn to its shape and the black and rusting metal…

The background was painted and then outline machine  stitched to give the impression of the varying colours and shapes of buildings, The balcony is made of black wadding which I have sprayed with de-colouration liquid which gave the mottle aged look that I was looking for. It was then hand stitched on to the background.

Detail view:


  1. The size of the balcony in the foreground and the muted colours you used for the village add depth to the scenery. Very nice.

  2. Maryte Collard

    I think that looking at the real quilt the wadding adds dimension and makes your piece even more interesting. Is that right?

  3. Love your quilt, that balcony is so realistic and that we can peek through it and see the village in the background is so clever! Love the pastel colours of the village.

  4. Been there so it brings sweet memories to me, well done!

  5. I just love the layers in your quilt. The fence is so beautiful executed. It is a feast for the eye. Bravo!

  6. I love how you created the village, such delicate colours and all the different shapes! What a great idea to de-colour black wadding and use this for the balcony. Well done!!

  7. You have demonstrated that beauty is everywhere, even in a rusted balcony! I am fascinated by your ability to use wadding. Did it start out as black, and what decoloration agent did you use? The achievement of depth through density is spot-on.

    • carolinehiggs

      It is a commercial black wadding and a commercial decolorant, I had to work it into the fabric to make any real impact….

  8. joanbrailsford

    I love the way that your houses tumble down the hillside in a higgledy-piggledy fashion. The contrast with the balcony is very effective and beautifully done. Great idea to create the mottled effect of the metal.

  9. Love the design and the idea of peeking through the balcony to the background.

  10. Again a beautiful piece Caro. The scene with the balcony and the village behind it is great. The way you used your stitching lines in the village is very effective.

  11. I like seeing the peaceful village through the balcony rails. The colours certainly give a feeling of Italy on a hot afternoon.

  12. What a lovely way to showcase the little village. Love how you created the weathered wrought iron balcony with batting and your perspective is spot on. Well done!

  13. studiociboulette

    I love your work in layers and tones of colors. An your attention to details… beautiful.

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