Helen Hazon – Re-arranged

Red Strips

This was the first design idea that I had for this theme, but of course I then spent several weeks thinking about other options until I eventually returned to the original.

This started as a strip-pieced square, quilted in the ditch then the circles were cut out and re-arranged. I have used machine stitches to secure the circles and to add detail to their outer edges.

All fabrics are cottons. The embroidery threads are rayon.

Close up view:

  1. I think this is really stunning and very effective. Great stitching! I love it!

  2. Very clever implementation. Great colors.
    Lovely job.

  3. Excellent study and realization. Nice graphics result. Well done.

  4. Beautiful colours and very nice interpretation of the theme.Your stitching is, like always, so perfect. Love it.

  5. I like your choice of colours, as always your beautiful stitching gives a special dimension to your piece.

  6. studiociboulette

    This is an incredible piece. The circles pop out of the background and feel in constant motion. I love it.

  7. Great use of circles within straight elements gives this piece a real depth. Your stitching is wonderful, and so precise (as always). A lovely result. Well done

  8. Love the colours and spacial feeling!

  9. Great idea to make circles that move in the background. An I agree with all others, your stitching is very beautiful.

  10. You have to work very accurate to cut out circles and use them in the cut-out space. Only you can do this! As usual your stitching is perfect! Beautiful!!!

  11. English quilter

    The red really shows up in this piece. The close up shows the precise stitching that you did around the circles. The addition of the buttonhole stitching is a lovely touch. This piece works really well.

  12. Your technique and combination of colors are lovely and vibrant and your stitching is impecable. Well done.

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