Cindy Richard – Blooming


Thirty years ago, embarking on motherhood, we took a trip to Cape May. I went down to the water’s edge to smell the sea and listen to the waves. I was blooming at eight months pregnant and I felt such happiness!

Today the baby who was born a month later is 30 years old with two children of her own. And the cycle continues.

I used lots of free motion quilting to show the waves and sand. I used cheesecloth for the frothy water. I did lots of quilting on my face to bring out the contours of the bone structure. I zigzaged my hair with variegated thread so it would look wavy — that’s what it really looked like years ago when I had long flowing hair. Ok, maybe I made it a little redder — Artistic license!

Techniques: Raw edge applique on cotton stabilizer; free motion quilting

Materials: Batik fabrics; cheesecloth, cotton, polyester, rayon threads; cotton/poly batting.

blooming_cindy richard

blooming_closeup_cindy richard

blooming original photo_cindy richard

  1. A good and loving choice for your theme, Well created, and your red sweater remembers a beautiful blooming. Wonderful the hairs.Well done.

  2. Blooming at its best!

  3. Yes, that’s something new and unexpected but true representation of blooming. Well done, love your dense quilting!

  4. A different interpretation of the theme, but well done! I saw this piece in real and it is lovely!

  5. You did a fabulous job expressing the joy you felt at that moment in time! I love all the texture you have created with yarn and cheesecloth.

  6. This piece is really you ! I love your hair and your quilting for the sea. Well done !

  7. What a unique interpretation of the theme, and you certainly were blooming in the picture! Your choice of fabric works really well, and the stitching is perfect for the details. A joyful, happy piece. Well done

  8. Great piece of work and really good interpretation if the theme.

  9. A lovely, personal interpretation. Well done.

  10. Totally awesome and amazing!!!

  11. Lovely interpretation of the theme. I love the quilting, especially the hair. Well done!

  12. What a beautiful Blooming interpretation. The stitching and quilting is very effective. I love the zigzag curls of your hair.

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