Helen Hazon – Motion – Kites

6The first image that came into my mind about Motion was of kites whirling around on a windy day. My final design is fairly simple but I think it does give the feeling that I wanted. The clouds in the background look very much like a blustery Summer day in England.
The quilt is made entirely of cotton – fabrics, threads and batting. I use raw-edge applique secured with machine stitching. The kite tails are couched.
  1. Helen I love the simplicity of your design it draws attention to the swirling of the kites. Well done.

  2. What a colourful, cheerful interpretation of this theme! It makes me smile!

  3. I like the contrast between the quiet landscape and the moving kites ! and your choice of colours is very effective.

  4. What a lovely picture! I especially like the movement and design of the tails.

  5. Love the movement of the tails and the simple bold colours.

  6. Very nice and colorful piece. I see movement is in the tails and the clouds. Lovely summer feeling.

  7. I love the bright colors of the kites. There is really movement in the tails. Well done!

  8. Your kite certainly fills the piece with motion, and I love your sky background. It certainly does look like a bright and blustery English day.

  9. I too thought of kites. Your piece conveys their motion beautifully; I especially like the knots in the tail.

  10. Helen, another lovely piece. The kite is certainly moving in the wind and the clouds also Depict movement. NIce and colourful.

  11. Summer days, beautiful sky’s, wind in the air, that is what I feel, looking at your quilt. Kiting reminds me of my childhood, the colours too. A very nice way to create motion, well done!

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