Helen Hazon – Flight


Inspiration: The annual migration pattern of Monarch butterflies is a natural wonder. They are so delicate yet have the instinct and stamina to travel huge distances to ensure the survival of their species.

Millions of Monarchs migrate thousands of miles South to find a warm place to spend the winter. In spring they start on the journey north again and, over several generations, they reach their Summer feeding and breeding grounds.

My design of migrating butterflies is based on the Monarchs although I have changed their colours. I used printing, stencils and applique then added machine embroidery and quilting.


Detail view:


  1. Love the movement of your butterflies. I can hear their wings!

  2. Maryte Collard

    They really look so fragile and I hope they will reach their destination. Love the color, blue is my favorite and love the movement.

  3. What an interesting story Helen, I did not know that and searched about it on the internet after reading it. Love the way you put it in a design and truly think that it does not matter what color the butterflies have, it is incredible what they do and your quilt makes it happen..

  4. I like the movement in your piece and the mix between appliqué butterflies and printed ones.
    It gives an impression of lightness to the piece.

  5. studiociboulette

    I love the dimension you achieved with the applique and stencil butterflies. Very pretty.

  6. This is a lovely monochromatic depiction of butterflies in flight. The story of Monarch butterfly migration is fascinating; for so many years humans had no idea of where the journey began and ended. You have perfectly portrayed these delicate little creatures!

  7. Blue butterflies are my favorite!!! The use of light and darker blue gives dept to your piece. Wee done, Helen.

  8. A lovely use of stencils and printing give a real sense of movement to your butterflies, and emphasise their delicacy. Great use of colours, and as always your quilting is beautiful

  9. Great subject. The detail is great the closer one looks the more butterflies one can see. Beautiful quilting adds to the piece.

  10. Very nice work. Cool rendition — so different than the other butterfly concept in this set.

  11. Such a delicate piece. I love the subtle printing of the butterflies that goes together with the applique. Bravo.

  12. Butterflies are so delicate and you have achieved the effect of movement, flying, floating and depth with your techniques and the monochromatic, subdued color. Well done!

  13. The phenomenon of the migration of the Monarchs is impressive for the number of butterflies and the length of the journey. Unbelievable that these fragile beings succeed in realizing every year in spite of the adversity of the weather or the disasters of man. The different techniques of making your butterflies give an idea of quantity, and it gives depth and movement. Nice idea of monochrome and excellent quilting work. Well done.

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