Chantal Guillermet – Squares

The blue wall

A picture taken from the Citadelle of the old city of Jodhpur has been my inspiration. The picture was not very good (I used the zoom at its maximum) but showed clearly the different colour zones, especially the blue ones.

I have tried to interpret “Squares” both with the choice of a square motif and in the construction of the quilt. First I made a grid on the surface of my picture and divided it in squares. Following the colours on each square of my picture I started to make blocks. I have chosen a twisted log cabin I designed some years ago. Each block was made with the paper piecing method on a thin stabilizer.

I have only used fabric scraps from my printing, hand dyed fabrics and indigo ones brought back from India.

Background : I stencilled it with blue and grey pigments to look like a wall, then fused the blocks in the middle using thin misty fuse. The blocks were machine appliqued on the background with a zigzag stitch.

To break the regularity of the squared surface I added two stripes of twisted scrim. They are hand quilted as well as the background wall.

LE MUR BLEU 15x15 006LE MUR BLEU 15x15 001LE MUR BLEU 15x15 003

  1. There is something very powerful in this piece; I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s as if the whole thing is being viewed under water, after a major flood, and the wall has been submerged. Sorry I can’t be more articulate, but suffice to say I found this piece very compelling.

    • Thank you Margaret for your nice comment. I struggled with the theme but found how to interprete it in my way …

  2. studiociboulette

    striking quilt. Just beautiful….

  3. Well done how you interpreted the picture and put it on the wall. The twisted scrim adds something special.

  4. It’s wonderful! You have been able to transport the beauty of the picture in your quilt. The right colors and the shapes. Chapeau. I love it.

  5. I recognise the photo! This is a great interpretation, well done.

  6. I really LOVE the way how you interpreted this theme. You made a striking, very special piece. The scrim on top of it gives it a little 3D effect.

  7. Chantal this is truly an art piece, I wonder if you have considered interpreting it in a larger format? Stunning.

  8. You translated your photograph in a really artistic way to create this quilt. There is just one word for it, gorgeous! Art-quilt it is….

  9. I love the way you have interpreted the sections of your photo into coloured patchwork. The result is lovely.

  10. This is a very powerful piece. The brick-like background only reveals itself in areas just as crumbling plaster reveals what is beneath it. The structure of the blocks is subtle, yet you have captured the variety of shades and colours from your original photograph. although you used many different fabrics, they form a unified whole. This is a very strong piece which shows your mastery of design and techniques.

  11. You have made a wonderful representation of the Jaipur vista, and the way you have stenciled the brick background really highlights the log cabin patchwork centre. I like the way that the log cabin gives the feel of a busy townscape. Well done

  12. Very cool interpretation. I can recognize your voice in this thought there are no jugs… I like it very much!

  13. Beautiful interpretation of the citadelle. The stenciling and the scrim add just the right touch. Lovely Chantal!

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