Chantal Guillermet – Decay

Indian Decay

My inspiration is a photo taken in a narrow street in Jaipur.

1/ Preparing the design : I underlined the main lines on the photo to define the different colour zones, printed the photo at the correct size, and traced these lines on a quilting tracing paper.

2/ Preparing the background : I selected fabrics according to the photo, choosing faded colours and greys, cut them in stripes of diffferent widths and fused vliesofix on the back. Following the picture I cut squares and rectangles and started to arranged them on the batting, slightly overlapping them. When satisfied with the arrangement, I ironed everything in place. To increase the deterioration effect, I made some prints on the backgroung surface. Each piece of fabric is stitched in place with zigzag and monofilament thread.

3/Quilting and embroideries : I layered the quilting paper in place and started free motion quilting with black thread following the design, sometimes repeating several times on the same place. For the central windows I used white thread instead, and painted the inside of the design with white acrylic paint. I also used neocolor II to increase some details or add shadows on several colour zones.

The labels on the walls are cut out from an old Indian newspaper and fused in place with misty fuse.

Close up views:


  1. Urban decay poetry, love it!

  2. carolinehiggs

    A great take on the subject, I like the way that you have constructed the background and created the forms with stitch. Great piece of work.

  3. The mastery of numerous techniques, the delicacy of the colours and the finesse of the embroidery give a great result. Chapeau!

  4. Even it represents decay, your work looks very light, even transparent. It is not depressing at all and I love it.

  5. studiociboulette

    I love your pieced background. Very effective. The machine drawing is perfect.

  6. A lovely piece Chantal, very effective use of your black line stitching and still there is transparency in it. Love it!

  7. You have made a great translation of your picture into fabric. It certainly reminds me of India.

  8. I like the ghostly feel to your piece. Very effective. I also like your color palette. Very attractive piece.

  9. It almost gives me a mystic feeling and every time I look I see more details. Your translation of the picture in fabric created a beautiful piece of art.

  10. joanbrailsford

    I like the feel of decay that you have created, and the colours you have used to depict the aspects of the building. The details are really well worked, and perfect for the design. Well done.

  11. Beautiful colours! The blacking stitching is very effective. So is the printing on the background.

  12. Your choice of faded colors, paints and the use of black thread really made the building look abandoned and forgotten. You interpreted your photo onto fabric beautifully!

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