Els Mommers – Artist style #6


For the last quilt in the Artist series I choose to work with a rusted background fabric again, to get some unity in the entire series.

I had treated the piece already a while ago with rusted nails and some rusting power. To get a little more life in the background I sprayed the piece with gold marbelizing Krylon spray.

For the design I was inspired by some of Joan Miro’s later work when he took more of an interest in symbolism and I wanted to repeat the eye that is used in the rest of my series.

The figure is fused to the background, machine appliqued and finished with a cordon stitch, as are some circles and a star. I stamped some spirals on the background and machine embroidered  them.

The quilting is done in echo, star and circle motifs.

The whole process can be seen on http://kunamola.blogspot.com


  1. This is a really great piece and a fitting end to your series. I love the rust colour and the contrast fabric, your stitch patterns really bring it alive. Lovely work.

  2. The idea of creating the series with white, light blue and rust backgrounds unifies your series. Congratulations, your work on Miro style is truly amazing! I really like it.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Beautiful end to your series ! I like the repetition of the eye on each piece. There is a real cohesion between each piece. Bravo !

  4. What a brilliant idea to use your rusted material, i love your interpretation of the design a wonderful series. bravo

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful work as always. Fantastic stitching and composition. I love your rusted fabric. Just beautiful. Bravo!

  6. Your series really look completed now. As always designed and stitched perfectly, bravo!

  7. This work completes your series beautifully and harmoniously. The stichting is really perfect, as usual. Love the repetition of the eye as a unifying subject. Bravo!

  8. Such a nice composition of this last one. I like it how the eye is in every piece.
    A great idea to use the background colors for the pairs. A lovely series!!

  9. I appreciate your explanation of the rusting process. There is such awesome detail in your quilt, so much to study.

  10. I really like to create rust on fabric, and use these fabrics as you did in your current work. The combination of the figure, the eye and the stitching is exceptional.

  11. You have captured the style and energy of Miro and made it uniquely your own. A well balanced composition and beautifully executed finale to your series. Well done!

  12. A good colour choice to finish and unify your series. As always your techniques and skills are fascinating and have produced a bold and detailed design.

  13. joanbrailsford

    What a fitting end to your series. I like the way that your colours reflect an earlier poece and that you have continued the symbolism throughout. Well done

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