Els Mommers – Horizon

Open Doors

In my series of closed doors it is now time to see what is behind the door.  The Horizon theme is a good opportunity to open the doors.  The view from our island is for the most part only sea and sky with an island in the distance.  I have taken this horizon as the starting point for this theme.

The background is painted with pebeo paint. The fabric for the door is first painted with vaseline with a very old brush. It is overpainted with some acrylic paint and put on top of a piece of synthetic felt. Doors are cut out with a soldering iron. With a stencil made of freezer paper I applied puff paste for the door panels, which were then sprinkled with rust powder and sprayed with vinegar.

Two human figures are painted on fabric, then fused in the foreground and secured with a small zigzag around the edges, as is the island. The island has a layer of tulle to give it a more remote look.  Sky and sea are quilted and some grass is thread painted on the bottom. The binding is the doorframe and is made from ice-dyed fabric.

The whole process can be seen on:


Detail views:




  1. quilterpaola

    Impressive use of techniques to achieving a beautiful piece. It gives me a feeling of a mixture of peace and nostalgia. Well done as usual.

  2. I like your idea of an open door to see the horizon ! The technique used to make the doors is really clever, they look so real !

  3. carolinehiggs

    Els, you manage to put so much work and detail in to you pieces with great results. I love the 3D effect that you have given the door with the view to the outside, excellent work!

  4. Love the strong but dreamy colors here and the poetic atmosphere. Well done!

  5. Great idea of opening the doors and I love the way your binding is the door frame. Clever.

  6. Your composition is very effective in creating a sense of anticipation for what the future holds.

  7. How nice to see what’s behind your doors. As usual you used a lot of techniques to create a beautiful quilt!

  8. I’m always in awe of all the techniques you use to create your quilts. So effective and so lovely. Well done Els!

  9. studiociboulette

    I love your interpretation of horizon. Opening the doors to the horizon bring out a lot of emotions. the colors are beautiful….

  10. English quilter

    The doors opening to reveal the view from Saba is a wondeful way to interpret the theme. The dimensional doors are a fascinating touch, and using the binding as a door frame was very clever. The colors of your sea and sky are beautiful. I look forward to having time to read the blog on how you created this piece.

  11. A new horizon behind every door, good starting point for a new series Els. Love the way you put the piece together and to see the view from Saba in a different way. Great piece!

  12. joanbrailsford

    I like the vista you have created through the open doors, and the way that the figures are contemplating it. As usual the techniques you have used to create the various elements are very interesting and give added depth to the piece. Well done

  13. Beautiful hues and composition. Very nice work.

  14. Maryte Collard

    Els, your creativity always surprises me. I love the idea of using the same theme (doors) through many pieces. It unites and makes your entire collection very interesting.

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