Kaylene Maalste – C


Inspiration: I have always admired the creativity of Alicia Merritt with her special technique of creating curvy blocks. Following her technique I created a checkerboard effect.

Checkerboard came about because of a disaster in my original quilt, I love black and white so I created the checkerboard effect using Alicia Merritt’s technique.  Following the swirls in the inner board I had embroidered in red a stylized “C”. The quilt is diagonally straight line quilted in black. Your eyes are not decieving you my inner block is not straight and I designed this way, just to be unconventional in the spirit of Alicia Merritt’s technique.


Close up:



  1. carolinehiggs

    I love the way that on first glance it looks straight, this technique works really well with the fabrics that you have chosen. Very elegant!

  2. May be it was a good thing that a disaster happened to the first piece … this one is very interesting in its construction and your choice of black and white fabric very effective.
    I love it ! and usually I am not a great fan of black & white quilts …

  3. Very special quilt, I am a fan of Alicia Merritt as well. The eye is drawn to the center straight away. Find your border beautiful and very effective.

  4. This is really an interesting piece. I like black and white and love the black and white border around your blocks and the binding. Is it just me that I can’t find the red embroidered C that you are mentioning ?

  5. joanbrailsford

    A really well contructed design and a striking use of the black and white fabrics (though i couldn’t find the red letter). It has an immediate impact. Beautiful

  6. Maryte Collard

    Looks simple but very effective. I love the combination of two fabrics where one has curvy lines and another- straight lines in a design.

  7. Great idea and beautiful result. Love the movement effect!

  8. Black and white, the colors of chess, together with the red line of excitement in the game. Love the way you put this together in an interesting quilt.

  9. An interesting design, especially the deliberate irregularity. A good plan to have the stitched red letters within the curves of the design. They appear to be very subtle – maybe they are clearer in reality than in the photo.

  10. I also love the effects of a black and white color palette, and the subtlety of the red-stitched C creates visual interest by drawing the viewer for a closer look, Good job!

  11. I love your checkerboard and of course you used black and white fabrics. You have chosen fabrics with a bigger pattern, which turns out very well. I only know the map quilts of Alicia Merritt. Have to take a look at more of her quilts.

  12. Your design is well balanced, that at first glance you don’t notice the free form irregularities. C shape fabric choices and the subtle red embroidery work well in accentuating the letter “C”. Striking design!

  13. studiociboulette

    I love the black and white fabric you chose and the composition is superb. Beautiful.

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