Eke Krug – Blooming

Norwegian springtime

When I lived in Norway, springtime was the most surprising time of year. The winters are long,  lots of snow and ice,  and then, at the end of May, suddenly there was spring. It seems like all plants, grass and flowers are bursting out of the ground at the same time. Norway is always beautiful and I can’t say which season I love the best, but the blooming in springtime is like a miracle, colourful and full of new life.

So I tried to work it out in fabric. At the bottom is the earth,  with all the food and little roots that make life possible. Then on top of that are all the leafs and flowers, growing and blooming, and a hint of flowers in the background.

Materials: monoprinted cotton, ice dyed silk, snowdyed cotton, manipulated batting,  Tyvek, ribbons and threads

Technique: raw edge quilting, threadsketching, a little hand embroidery


Close up views:


  1. It looks like real spring indeed!

  2. They really look like wild flowers on a sunny spring with variety of colors and shapes.

  3. A splendid work that perfectly reflects the beauty and delicacy of nature. I love it.

  4. A lovely spring quilt. I like how the faded flowers in the background give dept to your piece.

  5. This is a beautiful composition with multiple layers of depth. I really like the earth in the foreground and the little embroidered details.

  6. Beautifully done as always ! realistic representation full of details. Bravo !

  7. Oh, I love this. The colours, textures and shapes are beautiful and truly represent the way that the spring flowers burst from the earth and fill the space with colour and life. Beautifully worked, and the details are fabulous.

  8. A great piece, there is so much detail and I love the way that you have included the ground as well. I really like it.

  9. Really looks like spring. Beautiful work and so detailed.

  10. I would like to visit your garden! Just lovely! Beautiful, detailed, textured. A really beautiful piece.

  11. This is such a lovely piece. It really makes you happy, just looking at it. For me there is a nostalgic feeling to it too. It reminds me of the “poezie-plaatjes” in the album when we were young and our classmates wrote a poem and glued a beautiful picture next to it. Love all the details and the hand- and machine quilting. Very effective.

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