Greetje Hein – Blooming

In full bloom

Years ago I made a quilt with a “new” technique. I was asked to teach this workshop so many times and I always promised myself to make a small version of this quilt. So now I finally did.

This is a combination of two techniques I did before. The first technique is to applique a shape you want by using magic paper. The second technique is to cut a freeform flower in four pieces and re-arrange this. I cut the corners from a square to create a kind of circle, sew this on magic paper, turn it and sew it as an applique on a green or blue square. I used a blanket-stitch and rayon thread. After this I sew a smaller circle on top. These squares were cut in four pieces and re-arranged to form new flowers.

I made a composition with this new flowers and filled the background with smaller green and blue squares. For this, I also used some funny fabrics with a windmill, cows, a kid playing with a football, etc. The stems are made of knitting yarn. I free-motion quilted my piece with variegated rayon thread.



Close up view:

close up blooming

Cut flower before re-arranging:

blooming 1

  1. Power flower! Very interesting technique and I love the colorful power of you flowers.

  2. They look like pansies to me! Love the vibrant colors and very interesting technique.

  3. A lovely quilt that could continue the series “re-arranged”. That remembers me my feelings when I visited the Netherlands. Well done.

  4. I like the collaged background and the method you used for the flowers. The colors are bright and crisp and definitely say Bloom. What is “magic paper “please?

  5. It is called magic paper or teabagpaper. A very thin paper, also used for foundationpiecing. You don’t remove it.

  6. For me this piece is full of joy ! I like the blink of an eye with the Dutch windmill …

  7. Great, very effective use of fabrics and mix of colours.

  8. What lovely colours you have chosen, and the technique you’ve used is very effective. It sounds complicated, but it certainly produces a brilliant effect. I like this very much

  9. Such a lot of fun here. I love the bright and jolly flowers and must try this technique.

  10. What a fun piece! Bright and unexpected. Just like a garden. Lovely work.

  11. Very nice piece Greetje, I saw the big one you made, and love this smaller version. Especially the cows and other Dutch things you used in the background. The whole background in itself is beautiful and blooming, so are the flowers. Thank you for our explanation of what magic paper is, never heard of it before.

  12. Just looking at the beautiful vibrant colours of this piece makes me so happy. The re-arranged pieces makes the flowers stand out against their very nice pieced background. Awesome!

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