Paola Zanda – Horizon

Camargue’s abstract horizons

My first work for fifteen by fifteen was inspired by the ponds of Camargue. It’s a France region that we love a lot and every year we spend our holidays there. The landscape is impressive and gives us strong inspiration and big feelings of peace. So I choose, for the horizon challenge, to translate the Camargue landscapes in abstract mode and using the screen printing technique throughout.

I worked with screen printing in layers, using a screen without impression and one with personal design; I used Procion MX colors with thickener and bleaching paste. The composition is made with various screen prints assembled and quilted with transparent thread by machine.

Used materials: satin cotton, cotton wadding, transparent thread for machine quilting, Procion MX colors, thickener,

Detail views:


  1. carolinehiggs

    Love it, great choice of colour and the screen techniques are really good. Lovely piece of work.

  2. What a beautiful land! Never been there and the only thing I associate with this place are the white horses. Now I see there’s much more…

  3. Using the screen without impression and with design and decoloration is really effective. I like the yellow green area in the middle. Very good use of colours.

  4. Lovely colours and a dramatic result.

  5. Great use of dramatic fabrics. My eye is drawn to the red print and the color palette is quite effective.

  6. I love the colors you used and how the screen prints repeat in your composition.

  7. Long ago we were in the Camargue and it made a life long impression. Your quilt brings back the memory of the land, the noise of the insects and the smell. Beautiful colours and interesting technique. Very well done.

  8. Such beautiful colors, makes me want to go for a visit! All the techniques you used added depth and dimension. Well done Paola!

  9. studiociboulette

    I absolutely love it. So many different dimensions in your quilt. Beautiful abstract interpretation of the theme. Beautiful!

  10. Love the way you put this piece together, everything is in the right place. And the abstract interpretation works well!

  11. joanbrailsford

    Such deep, rich colours create a beautiful interpretation of the landscape. I love the way that the printing gives additional detail. This is a beautiful piece.

  12. Interesting techniques. Lovely color pallet. Well done!

  13. Maryte Collard

    Just love it! The abstraction enables to see my personal horizon.

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