Kaylene Maalste – Texture

When this challenge was announced, I was in the process of designing and creating a quilt for the Festival of Threads, and was experimenting with cording and mock pin tucking. I like this technique so I incorporated this in my quilt. The material is a hand dyed in the Arashi style using black Procion MX dye on linen. The patterning on the material dictated the flow of lines and free motion quilting. I then added further texture with embroidery and small rolls and balls of fabric. The only problem I encountered was the orientation of the quilt, due to a dark segment in the quilt.


Close up:


  1. This is my favourite so far. Well done Kaylene

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    I like the dramatic effect of the black and red ! to set the piece in the diagonal is just perfect. Beautiful !

  3. I really like this piece Kaylene, those splashes of bright red just make it sing. Great work. Cheers

  4. I love the adding of the small rolls and balls. The color is beautiful.

  5. I love the Arashi method and results. This is lovely and your stitching really enhances the fabric. Helen

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