Gaye Alger- Fractured

When I read the theme for this piece I knew instantly my source of inspiration.  It is a road that had been built through the mountain range towards the interior just of the Expressway here in Muscat and looks like a zigzag etched into the mountain.  This was my original name, zigzag mountain but I feel fractured is more apt as the mountain is now scarred and the wonderful rock strata has been fractured.

It has been made with a selection of fabric all hand produced.  They are either Procion MX hand dyed, manipulated photos printed onto fabric, fabric painted or disperse dyed. A selection of techniques were used to create visual texture.  The piecing included inserting piping (the zigzag road) but I removed the cotton piping cord when I realised I couldn’t quilt around it.  I do rather like the slightly wavy line this has produced. I opted for a complementary colour scheme based around purple because I wanted to introduce a little colour but again push myself as these are not colours I generally fell happy with. I heavily free motion quilted a variety of designs reminiscent of what I see around Muscat. One section has been hand stitched in stab stitch.

I think I am reasonably happy with how it turned out although it’s not exactly what I visualised when I first thought about it.

Fractured Gaye

Close up:

Fractured close up 2

Fractured close up 1

  1. Well done, I like how the contrast colour of green highlights the zigzag nature of the road, and the free motion quilting adds such texture to the piece. Cheers

  2. I too like the contrast with the green cordless piping — and how the removal of the cord has left a fabric that is a bit flimsy and wavy, a contrasting texture with the rest of the piece.

  3. Beautiful colors and free motion quilting

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