Joan Bailsford – Soft Hearted

This is an experimental quilt concept, which seeks to set hard/rough texture against soft/smooth texture.
The top layer is made from lace scraps which are stitched to a backing with heavy machine stitching to give it texture. This is further textured using a expanding medium and acrylic paints. The finished fabric has a rough and hard finish even though it has soft and fine lace at its heart. A heart motif is cut out of this fabric to reveal a layer of fine smooth silk below, to give a textural contrast as well as a ‘quiet’ colour to contrast with the busy colours of the main fabric
the “quilting” which holds all of the layers together is hand stitched using French knots and seed stitch.

texture 1 joan

Close Up:

texture 2 Joan

texture 4 Joan


  1. beautiful colors. I love the idea of the contrast.

  2. What a unique expression of the challenge theme. I am intrigued by all the background detail!

  3. Terrific Love the colors and the intense texture -ing, the subtlety of the seed and other stitches Almost everything about it.

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