Lin Hsin-Chen – Monochromatic – Joyous Celebration

Every culture has their unique way of celebration, so does the Chinese-speaking world. Red is the most representative color in Chinese culture. You can see red and gold at every occasion that related to happiness and joy. In Taiwan, every family has a festive ornament for New Year. As a quilter, I chose red for the monochromatic challenge. I use a variety of materials in this work to enhance the joyful and festive atmosphere. Though the sewing is difficult, it highlights the creative meaning and preciousness of this work.

I hope 2015 brings you peace and joy, and prosperous creating!

Materials: silk, satin, hand-dyed fabrics, metallic thread, beads, glitter, acrylic paint
Techniques: hand-pieced, hand-appliqué, hand-embroidery, hand-quilted, painted

Lin Hsin-Chen_Joyous Celebration_Full

Close up View:

Lin Hsin-Chen_Joyous Celebration_Detail


  1. Beautiful work Lin, as usual !

  2. So vibrant, it really is a celebration

  3. A wonderful way to celebrate the New Year. Cheers

  4. Great use of colour Lin

  5. Nice! To me it seems difficult fabric to work with

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I made this quilt with the mood of celebration. The Chinese character in the middle of the piece means something happy. I look forward to the coming Chinese New Year holiday!

  7. A very happy piece, with lovely vibrant colours

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