Els Mommers – Reflections – Contemplating

At the beginning of this year,  when we finally returned to Saba and all of a sudden things had even turned worse,  I was looking over the ocean and reflecting on the past period. Back on our beloved island, but what does the future have in store for us?

Our son made a picture of me standing there and contemplating.

I traced the silhouette and fused it on a hand painted piece of fabric. I had doubled the fabric while painting, so the reflection of the sky is in the water below. I placed some organza on top of the water.  A hand dyed lighter version of my silhouette is reflecting in the water. The land I am standing on is green hand dyed silk.

Three islands: St. Eustatius, St. Kitts and Nevis are on the horizon and the hand dyed silk sun is reflecting in the water .


Hand painting and hand dying fabric, fusing, free motion quilting, hand- and machine quilting, embroidery.


My own hand painted and hand dyed cotton and silk, organza, vliesofix (wonder under), silver metallic thread, polyester quilting thread, monofilament thread,

hand dyed cotton embroidery thread, paintsticks, gold flakes,  acrylic paint, acquarel paint, 80/20 hobbs batting, commercial cotton for the back.

Close up View:


  1. Els I can feel your reflections on life, a very poignant piece.

  2. This is a piece full of feeling, and depth. The colours are lovely and bring the viewer into your island world. A truly ‘reflective’ piece.

  3. There is much emotion speaking in your work. The colours and the reflections are beautiful. The quilt tells a story, the figure on it too, well done.

  4. If I did not know your current mood, your quilt would give me the feeling of peace and tranquility and the beauty of the landscape. But now it gives me an emotion and I can hear your thoughts. I love it.

  5. This is a very personal quilt and a good way to express yourself in the present situation. You have incorporated more than one meaning of reflection into the piece (at least in English…it may not translate into other languages. ) I love your double painting and the mix of hand and machine work.

  6. Very moving piece. As someone else said you managed to incorporate two meaning of reflections into the one piece. Really nice execution. Lovely colors.

  7. Chantal Guillermet

    A lot of emotion in this piece, and deep reflection. It really shows how you feel.

  8. A lovely reflective piece you can feel the emotion in this piece. The hand stitching around the sun is great. The silk gives a lovely look to the piece.

  9. Els, bravo for being able to create your quilt based on your thoughts and experiences, it is not an easy project.

  10. This is full of meaning and yet is very calm. Clever work.

  11. Such a personal and reflective piece filled with emotion. Makes me want to give you a big hug. Well done Els.

  12. I agree with every comment already written. Really you reflecting a difficult time. Great use of techniques, material an stitching. A big hug from me too.

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