Lin Hsin-Chen – Series #4 – Journey Series #4: Memento of the United States

The world is changing, not only by science and technology, but also by human behavior. I visited 2 countries, China and the United States of America, in May. Traveling in the 2 powerful Eastern and Western nations within a few days, I felt very much the same way. I saw “paradox” in both countries. It looks like the world is affected by fallacies. It seems that in the near future, if the leaders of the 2 nations say that “roses are green”, no one would voice objections. A world of madness and chaos is coming. I am not afraid, but I am disturbed by the uneasy situation.

Materials: chiffon, woven cotton and wool fabrics, commercial cottons, Thai silk, ribbon that are collected during my visit to the United States
Techniques: hand stitched, hand pieced, hand appliqué, hand quilted, hand embroidered

Journey Series 4 Memento of the U.S._Lin Hsin-Chen

Quit in Series – Journey



Journey Series 4 Memento of the U.S._Lin Hsin-Chen


  1. beautifual colourful quilt and the contrast of colours is a powerful statement. Well done

  2. Another beautiful piece Lin. Even if your roses are green and madness in the world … there is a great harmony in your quilt ! Bravo !

  3. Thank you Kaylene and Chantal. Creating the piece was a special experience to me. In fact, I collected the fabrics and completed the work during my visit to the United States! It was quite an improvisational work! I had fun traveling and sewing at the same time.

  4. Again a beautiful piece in your own style. Very nice use of complementary colors.

  5. A colourful addition to your series. The theme is worrying but the quilt is lovely.

  6. My original comment has been lost! I like the relation to the madness in the world and your choice of colours.

  7. A nice quilt made with beautiful colors.

  8. A lovely piece and I think that your choice of colours is very subtle yet gives a great impact. Although your piece is based on a perceived paradox, it has a very harmonious and peaceful feel about it. Very lovely

  9. Another well planned and executed quilt – I love the bright colours but the message is worrying, and I have to agree that there is now a feeling of unease. A lovely 4th quilt.

  10. Through the madness and chaos of the background there is a peaceful balance of color with the roses. Your lovely hand quilting, embroidery and beads brings in together perfectly.

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