Chantal Guillermet – Architecture. Caravanserai

Up to the 15th Century Caravanserais were used by Caravans, travelers and traders. Trade development and transportation of goods along Silk Road or Spice Road favorished their construction.

In those times travelling along the different routes of Eurasia was dangerous. Caravans would cross more than 2500 kms through deserts and mountains.

Caravanserais  would ensure safety for people, animals ans goods providing shelter, food and rest. I visited one of them when travelling in Turkey several years ago and was impressed by its architecture and the size of the building.

My quilt represents the view that the travelers had in the distance when arriving : a huge stone door beyond desert and mountains. The inside is suggested by several rows of arches in the background.

Techniques :

The stone door : is stencilled with acrylic paint and a commercial stencil. It is fused on the background and free motion quilted.

Tulip border : stenciled with paintsticks and a freezer paper stencil – the tulips are reproduced from a traditional Turkish fabric.

The arches :shadows added with paintsticks and quilting.

The mountain : is cut out from a piece of painted vliesofix and quilted.

Material :

My own hand dyed cotton popeline.

Paintsticks, acrylic paint, metallic fabric paint, vliesofix.






  1. carolinehiggs

    Lovely hue of colours which give the sense of the heat. A very peaceful piece.

  2. joanbrailsford

    I love the arches and the way you have included the tulip designs. A very accomplished piece

  3. There’s a very exotic feel to this piece…created by the desert colours, the judicious use of red, the shapes of the arches and the tulip border. Lovely!

  4. Chantal a wonderful quilt, I looked and looked at all the diversity that you have created with your design and techniques. Bravo

  5. This is a beautiful quilt! I especially like the tulip shapes and arches.


    Caravanserais, I never heard of it before, but your explanation is clear and your quilt is amazing. The way you made the design, the colours and the tulips, really lovely and with an exotic look.

  7. You have captured the look of the hot desert and the painted mountain with your colour choices.

  8. English quilter

    Your colors capture the mood of the Caravanserai I visited in Kusadasi Turkey. I love the different ways you incorporated stencils. The piece has lots of movement and captures the aesthetic of Asia minor.

  9. I love the “desert” colors of your quilt. The overall design with the tulips in the border is wonderful. Beautiful piece of work!

  10. This certainly creates a welcoming and peaceful feeling. I particularly like the glimpses of the interior through the arches.

  11. I love the colors and the design of your quilt. Great how you used all the different techniques.

  12. I have been to Turkey too and you have captured the shapes perfectly. A lovely choice of colour and design. A beautiful detailed design.

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