Maryte Collard – Horizon

Aurora Borealis

For me horizon is not just a horizontal line where the sky and the earth meets. It is something new, something that I dream of, reach out to, something still undiscovered or unseen. Even though I travelled extensively and have been to the countries far North and far South, like Norway, Iceland or New Zealand, I was never lucky to see Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. To stand under the night sky covered with Northern Lights, to see them, to experience them would be like reaching a new horizon for me.

I used hand dyed cotton fabric gradations to make Northern Lights. The sky is machine pieced. Trees on a horizon line are fused. Used some colorful variegated thread to create reflection on the imaginable lake on the lower part of the quilt.


Detail view:



  1. Love your interpretation of a theme – your horizons are moving with you 🙂 Beautiful piece!

  2. quilterpaola

    Good composition and choice of colours. You’ve been able to give a real depth to the landscape. I like the use of variegated threads. Well done.

  3. I like your choice of colour and the contrast between the black shadows of the trees and the bright colours of the sky. Beautiful !

  4. carolinehiggs

    I love your use of colour, lines and quilting. The line of trees sets it off perfectly, great!

  5. Beautiful colours and a lovely illustration of your theme. I hope you will one day see the aurora for real.

  6. I will echo the other comments here and say that I love your use of color. The simple, straight-line quilting greatly enhances your project.

  7. I love the colors. The black trees give dept to your quilt. The variegated thread is very effective, especially to suggest the lake.

  8. What a beautiful, colourful piece Maryte. I just love it. I really hope someday you will see the Northern light. Love your interpretation of the Horizon theme. It is there for us to see and for you to dream off.

  9. Love the dark tree silhouette against the beautiful colorful sky. You nailed it! I’ve never seen the Aurora Borealis either, but hopefully one day we both will be able to be mesmerized by it.

  10. studiociboulette

    Stunning! I love the movement you achieved with the Aurora Borealis. Beautiful colors and fabric…

  11. English quilter

    The vibrant colours which form your sky really stand out and make the piece “sing”. The dense quilting is beautifully executed. The trees give the impression of a northern country. I hope that you get an opportunity to see the Northern Lights in person.

  12. I lived in Norway and never saw the Northern Light in real, just a bit of interchanging between colors at the horizon. Mountains were taking my view. Love the way you put the dark and bright colors together. Keep hunting your horizon!

  13. joanbrailsford

    I too would love to see that Northern Lights, and it is on my list of things to do. Your interpretation is wonderful and I love the colours that seem to make them move across the sky. The contrast with the dark sky and trees is perfect and the quilting complements the whole landscape. Very well done.

  14. Very effective and well executed. Lovely color pallet. In all a very nice work.

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