Diana Vincent – Two Gardens


This is a quilt about two gardens, my old and new. When my husband died I made the difficult decision to sell our large property in a hot, inland area and move four hundred kilometres south to the coast. My new home sits on a small lot and has an entirely different kind of garden. In my old home I was surrounded by large graceful trees and native flora, with an unrestricted view in any direction. My new home has a fence all around, except the front. I am able to grow many plants, notably bright flowering, that I couldn’t before. I loved my old home and garden, but I am gradually feeling that I belong in my new place, and hopefully the fence will disappear behind the many shrubs I have planted. My quilt incorporates both the large trees and the bright flowers. The stitched lines represent the fence. I have used hand dyed fabrics, paints, inktense pencils, beads and buttons.




  1. Diana, this is amazing, I just love the flowers and the bark on the trees look so realistic. Bravo

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