Caro Higgs – Country – Emblems

Inspiration for this piece were two flags, one of the country and the other of the north-western region, I have taken the elements from both flags and combined them to make my own design.

The choice for the country for this series is as a result of three adventurous holidays in the north of the country and the fact that my mother was born there pre-partition. I am of course talking about Pakistan and what used to be the North West frontier provinces and is now known as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is an area that I adore and the people were lovely but I am talking about the 90s when it was possible to travel relatively freely so long as one was wearing the traditional shalwar kameez and had one’s head covered in public.

The four corner squares represent the crops that were dominant at the time of partition (1947) cotton, tea, jute and wheat and I have drawn them as they appear on the central shield of the Pakistan flag, in the same way the right hand-side is interwove gardenias. The words faith, unity and discipline are also on the flag, I have stitched them in chain stitch which is a stitch often used in Pakistani embroidery. The remainder of the symbols/emblems come from the Khyber flag, both flags are the same colour, green on a white background. The colour has come out slightly darker in the photo.

Stitched by machine on to Egyptian cotton using three different weights of dark green thread, the painting was added after the stitching.

Detail view:


  1. Beautiful emblem and I can’t wait for the whole series to learn more as I know nothing about Pakistan. Great job!

  2. I deduced this thanks to the waning moon and the five-pointed star. Otherwise, for the rest of the drawing, I couldn’t guess. A great work of precision and attention to details as you usually do. Bravo!

  3. Beautiful piece with a well balanced composition. I like how the different elements are neatly excecuted and the green and white together are very effective.

  4. I knew it was a Muslim country but had no idea which one. So many interesting details made with precision. Beautiful piece, congratulations Caro!

  5. Knowing next to nothing about Pakistan, your chosen country will be fun to follow. (As an aside, my son-in-law is Pakistani. His parents immigrated in the 1970s, he and his siblings were born in the US.) The composition is amazing, with multitudes of information across the surface. The simple, two color palette was awise decision.

  6. I guessed wrong, what a wonderful depiction, I love how clean your design is. Well done.

  7. What a beautiful piece and how many details are included! So beautifully executed and with such precision. It’ll be great learning more about the country through your quilts. A wonderful job!

  8. I couldn’t guess your country except that it had to be a muslim country, but never thought of Pakistan. I love the way how you have combined elements of the two flags in a beautiful executed design. So much interesting information in this piece and I really look forward to learn more about this country. I love how you embroidered the words with the chainstitch.
    The use of just two colours makes it even more subtle and effective. Terrific job.

  9. I love your quilt and found your text very interesting, with facts I didn’t know. The design is wonderful in its simplicity, and the precision of each element as well as your stitching really makes this a beautiful piece. I look forward to the rest of yoour series.

  10. I recognised your country from some of the emblems and from the colour scheme. I like the symmetry in your design and the an=mount of detail that is included.

  11. What a lovely way to remember your mother and your holidays in Pakistan. Wonderful job combining the elements of the two flags. A very well thought out composition with many details of the country I did not know and executed beautifully!

  12. I love how you used so many details in your composition. Great you used just the two colors of both flags.

  13. studiociboulette

    Beautiful emblem, I love how you integrated so many details into your composition. can’t wait to see how your series evolves and learning more about Pakistan.

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