Cindy Richard – Reflections – Mirror Image

My niece is standing in still waters on a beach at Cape Cod at sunset. Her reflection and that of the colors of the setting sun are reflected so clearly in sea, it almost looks like a mirror. I tried to express this scene of reflections in my quilt. I called it Mirror image!

Technique: Raw-edge applique, free motion quilting.

Materials: Cotton batik fabrics, tulle, various threads, 80/20 batting

Cindy Richard_Mirror Image

Cindy Richard_Mirror Image Closeup



Reflections at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Original photo


  1. Lovely work, what a great image.

  2. A very well worked and beautiful piece. You have really created a tranquil atmosphere and the colours are wonderful. Your detailing in the reflection of the figures is very effective. Love it

  3. Almost the photo itself, beautiful use of material and colours, love your stitching.

  4. Cindy what a beautiful piece you made. I really LOVE it and the quilting is wonderful. Funny how we both had the same idea of reflection.

  5. Perfect transposition of your beautiful photo. Excellent choice of colors and mastery of the stitching Congratulations.

  6. Chantal Guillermet

    Very nice piece Cindy ! I like the movement of your silhouettes : they really look alive !
    Beautiful use of fabrics and colours. I love it.

  7. Cindy, bravo I love your work on bringing out the reflections and mood of the image.

  8. A lovely translation of the photo into fabric. I love the colours of the water and reflected sky.

  9. Cindy, what a great work! I like the colours and the quilting. Did you first quilt the background and added the figures later?

  10. What a beautiful and peaceful sunset you created. The silhouettes, reflections and quilting are nicely done.

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