Helen Hazon – Elements – The Periodic Table

My scientific background took over here so my idea for the Elements theme was obviously The Periodic Table.

I have included 91 naturally occurring elements in the piece. They are not in any particular order – that would have been a bit too organised – but the mix of colours, silver, grey etc is about right. I have used white to represent the gaseous elements.

The quilted circles represent simple atomic structure and the bright threads show some of the huge range of colours in our world that are all produced by different combinations of elements.

The fabrics that I used are a mixture of cottons, tulle, foils, velvet, and shiny polyesters. Threads are rayon and cotton.


Close up View:


  1. Interesting and very nicely made.

  2. Helen a beautiful abstract piece, well done. I like the addition of the circles in contrast to the rectangles.

  3. A scientific approach beautifully excecuted. I like the different textures of the fabrics

  4. This quilt really does look ‘scientific’ being so uniform in its’ construction, really like it.

  5. joanbrailsford

    I like the way you have balanced the rectangles of the elements against the curves of the atomic structure. I am impressed that your circles are so accurately drawn and stitched (I know that I couldn’t do that!)

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