Lin Hsin Chen – Contrast – Eternal Day and Night

I attend various international quilting exhibitionsfrequently. The most difficult part is probably dealing with time differences. Adapting to the reverse day and night makes me dizzy. However, sitting on the plane and seeing the contrast view of day and night is breathtaking. I always want to make a quilt of it, thanks to this challenge topic.

The Universe is so huge that a humble man like me could not understand. The power of Mother Nature is magnificent so that all things on the Earth have to follow the operation of day and night. Time zones, boundary between today and yesterday, theories of the constant exchange of space and time etc. are far beyond my understanding.

The rule of Nature is everywhere. The philosophical theories are too profound so that I can only depict the grace of the Universe via a tree. This piece also describes the double sides of human, darkness and brightness, good and evil, both mentally and physically. Learning to adjust is a life lesson. In short, there are too many things that I want to write for this piece only if I have more time. I wish everyone has a healthy life.

Materials: commercial cottons, dyed fabric, metallic thread, beads, glitter

Techniques:100% hand stitched, appliqué, pieced, three-layered quilted, embroidery



Close up View:

Eternal Day and Night-detail

  1. Once again a beautiful piece Lin, I always admire the complexity of your work. Diana

  2. martine Dionis

    once , your personal style martine

  3. Lin, I think this is my favourite of your pieces thus far. You have identified a type of contrast that most of us don’t think about, and have done so beautifully.

  4. Chantal Guillermet

    It is a beautiful piece Lin, with so many details; and you work beautifully !

  5. There is always a lot to look at in your quilts and this is a wonderful interpretation of the theme. Well done.

  6. Thank you all! I always enjoy making 15×15 quilts and seeing all the beautiful works from our talented members!

  7. Beautiful, delicate work with an interesting theme.

  8. I revisited this quilt and found so many new things ,what an awesome piece of beauty.

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