Greetje Hein – Country – Architecture

Iceland- Architecture

The inspiration for my architecture piece is the world famous Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik.

The background fabric is hand-dyed in circles. The circles look reminded me of stained glass windows. I quilted one circle with rulers to create the lead strips of stained glass.

On the left side I quilted the vaulted ceiling of the church. I colored it a little bit with metallic crayonsto create more depth. The church is done with silver fabric stitched on the background.

The square in front of the church is quilted in a square pattern. This refers to the knitting pattern I used before.

Original pictures:

  1. Beautiful, how clever to use the background fabric as stained glass it is very effective. Such attention to detail on the church, I really like this.

  2. What an impressive design. I love your background both for the colour and for the insertion of the vaults and stained glass. The reference to the knitting pattern is well found to remember your series. Bravo.

  3. studiociboulette

    I love this piece, it is so beautiful. from you choice of colors to the designs quilted. So many layers effect. Beautiful

  4. Stunning, I love the simplicity of the building and think your choice of colour and fabric is a great match for the building. Bravo

  5. I love your choice of colour and the background. beautiful

  6. So beautiful ! I love the simplicity of the church and the integration of the vaults on the left of the quilt ! The lines are so pure !
    Your choice of fabrics is just perfect for this piece.

  7. joanbrailsford

    What a beautiful building and your quilt highlights that. The colours are perfect to allow the eye to take in the details of the architecture. I love the quilted patterns that form the window and the vaulted ceiling, and the church gives a focal point. Beautiful

  8. Beautiful! What lovely illustration of a special building. The quilting is inspired, especially the ‘window’ in the sky. I remember visiting this church so this brings back some great memories.

  9. A very impressive quilt of a very impressive building! Beautiful rose window and great quilting of the vaults. Very expert execution. Just perfect!

  10. This is an impressive use of a monochromatic color pallete. The background as stained glass is great as it helps to bring everything into context. Good job!

  11. Since I have seen it in “real”, I appreciate it even more. The monochromatic colors enhance the design and your superb quilting. .I love the circles around the stained glass window. Beautiful work.

  12. All parts of the church’s arquitecture is beautifully represented and executed in your quilting. Very beautiful and peaceful composition. Well done!

  13. Very impressive piece, love the Islandic feel and sharp, precise lines of the building, great job!

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