Els Mommers – Circle(s) – Circle 1

This theme had so many possibilities that I found it very hard to make a choice. After several ideas I choose tyvek as the material I wanted to use for this subject.,

I started painting tyvek and cutting it into pieces. On some of these pieces I sewed different kind of materials for example: tulle, organza, chiffon, angelina etc. Then I shrunk them with a hot iron.
Next step was burning the pieces in shape with the soldering iron.

For the background I choose a glossy synthetic fabric and after making a quilt sandwich I sewed the tyvek pieces in free motion stitch on it. The quilting of the background in done in round pebbles.
The circle was too compact and needed some more open space in it so I painted some tyvek in parchment color, shrunk it, sewed it on top of the other parts of the circle and went over it with some gilder’s paste. To give it a little more depth I added some slivers of black painted tyvek.


In the meantime I had made a second circle. I will add a photograph of that one too.
Now thinking of making a third one to get a triptych.

Circle 1


Circle 2


Close up view circle 1



  1. Els what can I say this is a beautiful work of art and look forward to Circle 3. Cheers

  2. I think you’re onto something here, Els…texture, colour, composition…I look forward to seeing the series in its entirety!

  3. http://ekeskleurdesign.blogspot.no/

    What a great idea to use tyvek in this theme and you worked it out perfectly. All the colours, materials and stitching, the whole combination, just beautiful. I see forward to you series in circles.

  4. Els, you are always so creative with new materials ! I really like the textural effect you got with the tyvek in this piece (I’m not a tyvek person …) and I also like the colours.

  5. A really creative piece. Initially I could see a rose and then an eye. A really great use of tyvek.

  6. Els, you must have had fun with this piece too, very creative. A very inspirational way to use tyvek. Just love it. I look forward to seeing the next piece

  7. English quilter

    A creative use of non-traditional materials. The close ups show the texture of the work which adds to the interest. You were brave to insert more material after it was almost finished! Quite an amazing piece!

  8. This is really an “Els-quilt”. You used the tyvek very well. A great piece with lovely pebbles. Now I know I have to use tyvek more often.

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