Greetje Hein – Squares

On the pavement

Thinking about squares two different meanings came up: the geometric squares, and also squares in a city. What if I could make a combination of these two meanings? The most well-known quilt block with squares is a nine-patch. So I decided to make a quilt in a nine-patch. Each of the nine patches would suggest a different pavement of a real square.

The main colour of the quilt is grey and I used different techniques to achieve the colours. Some of the fabrics are commercial with a more or less pavement print. Other fabrics with a structure I dyed grey. I also spray-painted a grey fabric with silver paint and a template.

The nine-patches are quilted by using the structure or the print of each fabric. After quilting the silver spray-paint had almost disappeared, so I used Incagold and an intense pencil to add some colour again. I’m always impressed how flowers or grass can peep up between pavement. That is why I embroidered a few very tiny flowers on one of the squares.

Keywords: geometric squares, pavement, structure, nine-patch, spray painted, Incagold, intense pencil.




close up view

squares close up

  1. The close-up photos are so helpful in differentiating the greys and the shapes in this piece — and that bit of floral whimsy in the one block makes me smile!

  2. studiociboulette

    I absolutely love your piece. What you achieved quilting a nine patch is incredible. fantastic.

  3. Each of your block is beautifully quilted and the variety of the greys makes your piece very elegant.

  4. I really like this piece, it is so elegant and it is beautifully stitched. Great work!

  5. Incredible what you have created in this quilt with these shades of grey. Well done.

  6. Such a wonderful idea to use all the different colours of gray you see in pavement on streets and squares. The executing of your piece is like always so neat and your quilting gorgeous. I love the extra touch of the flower. It makes you looking again. Bravo!

  7. Brilliant idea, sometimes we need to use our environment and look around for textures and patterns. A great choice of materials and quilting.

  8. I love your quilt Greetje. All the different motives make the qrey squares come alive. The little flowers are so nice, so is the influence of the metallic colours.

  9. Great quilt from an unusual inspiration source. Well done.

  10. I love your interpretation of the theme and the use of multiple meanings of Square. The quilt is very elegant and the way you have enhanced each fabric with appropriate quilting is very effective.

  11. What a great design, and how well you have constructed the quilt. I really love this, and especially the little flower you have added, peeping through the pavement. Beautiful work.

  12. Very elegant and under-stated in a beautiful way.

  13. What a lovely and well executed quilt. All the different types of quilting designs and threads enhance each square and a touch of red, just makes it pop. Well done Greetje!

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