Genevieve Guadalupe – A


Agroecology is the “ecology of the food system” and a farming approach that is inspired by natural ecosystems. It combines local and scientific knowledge and applies ecological and social approaches to agricultural systems, focusing on the interaction between plants, animals, humans, and the environment.

Materials and technique: natural cotton fabric, cotton batting, oil base ink, embroidery floss, poly thread. Monoprint on fabric, machine quilting, hand embroidery.

Detail view:

Full series:


  1. I love the contrast between the mono print and the embroidery, it is a really interesting piece, I particularly like the cow! Although your six pieces are very different it isn’t difficult to see that there is an underlying theme running through them all. Well done…

  2. Your monoprint is great ! I like the contrast between machine quilting and hand stitching. It gives life to your piece as well as the bright colours you used !

  3. A beautiful statement interpreted on your quilt, the monoprinting is very delicate and contrast with your background. Bravo

  4. I like your clever use of a very effective monoprint. It forms a great contrast to the delicate colourful embroidery. Your underlying theme of all six quilts makes it into a lovely series. Well done!

  5. The combination of hand embroidery and mono printing works very well. A lovely series!

  6. Another beautiful addition to your series. The combination with monoprint and embroidery is fabulous. Love the contrast.

  7. I also like the use of the monoprint. The green hue you have chosen is perfect for the theme, and the embroidery is very nicely done. I particularly like the pig.

  8. A very interesting and colourful piece, made even more so by the beautiful monoprinting. The stitched elements are beautifully done and the machine stitching really gives depth. Well done

  9. An interesting theme to complete your series. I like the effect of the monoprint and the use of hand embroidery to add the details.

  10. Beautiful hand embroidery and an interesting background shows shows your ability to perfectly combine old and new techniques. The entire series makes an important statement about importance of saving our planet

  11. A thought provoking end to your series, our responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live. Well done Genevieve, I love it!

  12. Wonderful take on the subject! Love the vivid colours and optimistic visual effect, great job!

  13. The cycle in nature, a theme for your last quilt in this series, which you have worked out beautifully. Love the color scheme in your monoprint in combination with your embroidery.

  14. Green is the colour of hope, you have chosen the right colour to represent your message. The strong chromatic contrast paired with the monoprint is magnificent. The combination with the hand embroidery is harmonious and gives a captivating result. A great job that completes your series perfectly. I love it! Compliments!

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