Ann Turley – Country – Flora/Fauna


My selection for Flora and Fauna is the Peruvian anchoveta, wildly abundant along the Peruvian coastline. It is a small species of fish, rarely reaching more than 20cm in length, or living beyond its 4 year lifespan. The anchoveta is very valuable commercially due to its high oil and protein content. While it is edible by humans and is sold canned, frozen and fresh, most of the catch is used to create fishmeal – livestock feed or food for farm-raised fish. These fish have very large eyes and exceptionally good eyesight. I have used several novelty fabrics in the construction of these fish and the background – lame, glitter lycra, embellished decorator organza, netting, tulle and ordinary organza. The base is a selection of commercial cottons.

Detail view:

  1. How delightful and vibrant are the fish by your choice of fabrics. Well done.

  2. A great subject choice and I love the way that you have managed to produced such vibrant slithery fish. A really good use of fabrics.

  3. A perfect choice of fabrics and colours to enhance the beauty of your fishes and their world. Bravo!

  4. I can look into the eyes of the fish. Excellent choice of fabric and colours..

  5. studiociboulette

    Great quilt, beautifully done. I love your choice and combination of fabrics. Bravo!

  6. I love the fabrics you have chosen to make the fish, and their eyes seem to be follwoing you! what a beautiful quilt you have produced. I love it

  7. Chantal Guillermet

    I love your choice of fabrics and the way you displayed the fishes ! Lovely piece.

  8. I love your design, a shoal of silvery fish. Great fabric choices for the fish and their watery world.

  9. Your choice of fabrics are perfect and adds so much depth and texture to the fish and background. Your hand stitching is the perfect detail to the anchoveta. Well done!

  10. The choice of fabrics is great and adds much texture to your fish, scales and fins very visible!
    Very vibrant, lovely background too. Well done!

  11. I like the use of all the different materials. The fabrics you used for the fish are well chosen.

  12. What a wonderful composition and choice of fabrics. Love the colours of your background. Bravo!

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