Joan Brailsford – Recycle – The old cottage

This challenge gave me a surprisingly hard time, as I found I had such a wealth of ‘stuff’ that was recycled that it was hard to choose. In fact this is the second version of my entry for this challenge, and the one I liked the most.

The base fabric and backing is cut from a pair of old calico curtains that covered some ugly cupboards for a while, and the window and door frames are made from the hems that I cut off these. The fancy ‘stonework’ above the windows and door is lace cut from a vintage tray-cloth, and the curtains are cut from an old head scarf. Then for the remainder of the texture to create the wall, I used scraps from my copious ‘bits bag’ containing everything that has very been cut off or discarded from other pieces. The only concession I made to anything new was to use sari ribbon for the door (but I’m sort of forgiving myself, because my understanding is that these are recycled in the first place). Finally the door hinges are made from ‘colour catcher’ sheets salvaged from the washing machine.   I used some Expandaprint sparingly on the walls ….. THEN …. I went a bit mad with the fabric paint and printing ink. It may not be a faithful or accurate representation of an old stone wall, but it made me happy!

I machine quilted all of the structural shapes, and the haphazard stone shapes, before adding some hand stitching to make me more happy! I hope you like it.

The old cottage


Close up view:

close up 2


close up 1



  1. I like the texture of your wall, and the contrast with hand embroidery

  2. Beautiful colour and texture. Love the embroidery

  3. What delightful array of used materials and your design is great the brick wall is very realistic. Well done

  4. I agree with Els. Very beautiful color and texture. I especially love the flowers.

  5. English quilter

    I love the che.ery imaginative colours of your cottage. Your use of materials is imaginative. The mixture of items has formed into a unified whole. Well Done!!!

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