Caro Higgs – A

A is for Akko

Inspiration: The inspiration for this piece came from a visit to Akko (Acre), Israel, a few years ago.

The colour of the old stones and the sunshine is what really rests in my memory from a really interesting, and hot, day out. I wanted to produce a snap shot of memories, icons that try to represent a very small part of the Akko’s ancient history. The background was painted and the letters printed with a sun print, then the space around the letters was stitched like an old stone wall. The letters were then embellished with different images. The faded colour is a ticket which I enlarged and printed on ExtravOrganza, one or two of the buildings and the sea were highlighted with inktense; there are three motifs which were stitched, two which come from the municipal flag representing the ancient port and more modern industry and the third is a the pattern of an old stone bread stamp seen in the museum. The whole piece was then stitched with the pattern of the vaults in the Knight’s Halls. The morse code letter is on the ship. 

Full series:

  1. A very delicate interpretation of what you remember, beautiful execution of shapes and colours. Bravo

  2. Very subtle and delicate interpretation. I like the introduction of the wrtiting in your piece.

  3. Beautiful interpretation in lovely very delicate colours. I recognize the ship from Akko’s flag. Admire your stone walls!

  4. A beautiful memory of your visit to Akko on a hot day. Great use of different techniques. The pale colours are different to the other five, but it completes a great series.

  5. This is a very intriguing piece. Every time I look I see more. I also have beautiful memories about our stay in Akko, so it double attracts me. All this different techniques and layers works beautifully together. Very well done and an awesome addition to your series.

  6. Your series is a wonderful way to document your visit to Akko. I particularly like the photo transfer of the ticket.

  7. An interesting, intricate and beautifully worked end to your series. I love the muted colour palette which really does have the feeling of bright sunshine and dusty, bleached buildings. Lovely

  8. The colours here are so gentle and perfectly represent old stone walls in sunny places. There is a lot of detail in your piece and it makes a lovely end to your series.

  9. There is really a lot to see and discover in this piece. Love the stone bread stamp texture!

  10. I agree, there is a lot to see in your quilt and it took me a while to see all the details you described, so many techniques and layers! A lovely and well thought out composition and end to your beautiful travel series.

  11. It’s amazing how rich and full of details the stories behind your pieces are. Very interesting series wonderfully executed!

  12. Your last work in this series has a complex structure and requires detailed study. The color palette is well chosen, faded color by the sun. The variation in topics and elaboration of your series is very interesting. Beautiful series Caro!

  13. This is a very elaborate piece full of detail and that needs a lot of attention and vision. The use of different techniques and overlays is perfectly successful and the pairing of these soft and delicate colours accurately reflect the stones and the wear of time. Excellent and admirable reproduction of your Akko’s memories. Chapeau! I love it.

  14. studiociboulette

    Beautiful interpretation of your to Akko. Love your soft color palette and the details in the quilting. Fantastic series. Bravo

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