Sonia Ruiz – Artist style #3

Inspiration: The Two Fridas, 1939 The Two Fridas is a portrait of love, heartbreak and duality after Diego asked for a divorce after 10 years of marriage. I chose to unite both Fridas in my composition. The part of Frida in white represents her European heritage whereas the colorful one is wearing a traditional Tehuana skirt and blouse, representing her Mexican heritage. Her flowing veins connect her to her dual identity, her heritage, her love, her sadness, her loneliness, her suffering to ultimately reconnect with our nurturing mother earth. Materials: hand dyed cotton bed linen, commercial fabrics, photo transfer, journal pages, raw edge appliqués, 3 D skirt, beads, 3 D silk flowers and leaves, acrylic paints, inktense pencils, lace trims, hand dyed jute, hand dyed gauze, indigenous hand dyed Oaxacan yarn, used dryer sheets and red string.

Close up View

  1. It seems impossible to make dramatic Frida even more dramatic but you did it! Love the concept and execution.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    There is so much symbolism and messages in this piece ! it is especially clever to have cut Frida in two to show the duality of her feelings.

  3. carolinehiggs

    This is a fantastic piece of work with so much information contained within. I really like the way the two Frida’s are connected yet apart. great work.

  4. studiociboulette

    Just beautiful work….the colors, background, drama, stitching, composition, it is all there. Beautiful!

  5. Maryte Collard

    What a wonderful idea to unite both Fridas! As always many coded messages in your work as well as in Frida’s. You are a true master of drama. Bravo!

  6. Frida Kahlo is always touching. Her personality and life story. Your work is excellent. You have managed to carry out your plans in an excellent way.

  7. How extremely clever to unite the two Frida’s into one! Those heartstrings that are going everywhere! The unmistakable temple in the background! So many details, so much symbolism. A most wonderful piece.

  8. How clever to make a combination of two Frida’s into one person. As always a lot of details into your work. Well done!

  9. Superb interpretation and needlework. Bravo

  10. This is an awe-inspiring quilt, The images you have created pull the viewer in for a closer look. I am particularly drawn to the images of her veins – very moving, very intriguing.

  11. A very intricate and detailed piece that beautifully illustrates this story.

  12. What a wonderful idea to combine the two exquisite Frida’s into one very dramatic piece. The ruine in the background adds to the Mexican feeling, as does the Tehuana skirt and blouse, in contrast with the white European style clothing. To combine the two parts with the veins is a very creative idea. Super.

  13. joanbrailsford

    What a thoughtful and beautiful depiction of this image. I love the way that you have connected all the elements of the design and incorporated them into Frida’s story. Another lovely addition to your series

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