Maryte Collard – Decay

The Last Leaf

Few years ago I got interested in eco dyeing. Then I did a lot of rust dying and dyeing with leaves and plants. I realized that the process of eco dyeing actually is letting the leaves and plants to decay and cause the fabric to decay as well. The same about rust. Iron decays and transfers rust particles and color onto the fabric.

So I call this quilt a double decay. It is made of decayed fabrics and also tells the story of how the leaf deteriorates, looses color, acquires holes and finally breaks up.

Materials and technique: the leaf is made of silk, dyed with plants. The background is made of linen, dyed with leaves and over-dyed with rust. I inserted cords to make them look like veins of the leaf. I also hand stitched areas in holes like some veins were still left there.



Close up views:




  1. Great study of the decay in fabulous colors!

  2. carolinehiggs

    Great colours and use of fabric and contrast between the decay of fabric and nature. Lovely piece.

  3. Excellent idea to represent degradation. The technique and the material used create a beautiful result. Well done.

  4. Nice interpretation of the theme, and interesting use of eco-printing. I have started eco-printing last fall but have only considered the positive fact that you get a beautiful print … may be because it was fall and leaves were going to deteriorate anyway …

  5. studiociboulette

    Fabulous colors and fabrics. Beautiful technique. Super

  6. Beautiful, I love eco-printing and like the way you looked at is to create this piece for decay.
    Great execution of the theme.

  7. Great interpretation of Decay and lovely colours.

  8. I like your idea for representing degradation. Well done. Nice stitching.

  9. I love the ecoprinted and rusted fabric. The colors are beautiful. Very nice representation of Decay.

  10. joanbrailsford

    Very delicate and appropriate colours for the subject. I love your idea of ‘double decay’ and your design is well worked. I love your stitched details. Well done

  11. I love the rusted fabric. The hand stitching in the holes of the leaves is very effective.

  12. The cording for the veins and the insect eaten holes give the leaf more dimension and with the eco techniques, you also showed us how the leaf decays. Nicely done!

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