Kaylene Maalste – Progress – Endeavour

My decision for this theme was to feature a technique that I have always shied away from because I felt the technique was too complicated or I just could not master it. And that is piecing, I never seemed to be able to match points or sew straight, so to me “Progress” would be selecting a form of piecing and my choice was “Seminole Patchwork Piecing”. The fabrics chosen were all commercial and I quilted on the diagonal. It was progress in the sense I am satisfied with the results, but oh give me abstract.




Close up View:



  1. You have indeed made progress in piecing — those points look great! 🙂

  2. joanbrailsford

    For someone setting out on a new technique, you’ve certainly done really well – progress indeed!

  3. Wow Kaylene. This is really progress in piecing.

  4. Yes Kaylene, perfect points and perfecting a new technique is a great choice for our Progress challenge. Paulette

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