Greetje Hein – Water- A Grey Day at the Lake

Water has a lot of different colors, depending on the weather. From turquoise, blue, green to grey.

When the weather is foggy and grey the water also has a grey color. You can hardly see were water ends and sky begins.

For this quilt I dyed the background fabric around a tube. This worked really well. There where waves in different grey tones.

I cut waves from all kind of transparent materials to create parts with more color into the water.

I machinequilted the whole piece with wavy lines. I used rayon yarn in a few gray tones and silver metallic yarn.

Only in the water the lines cross each other.

A few bushes and windmill suggest the horizon.

a grey day


dyed water

Dyed fabric

Close up View:

close up1

close up 2

  1. Bravo. I am so impressed with your interpretation, and it so true that at times there seems to be no difference between sky and water. Beautiful use of fabrics and thread.

  2. Beautiful Greetje. Love the way you build up your piece and see the skyline, driving from Emmeloord to the south. Your fabric dyeing is very successful and the waves match perfectly. Very nice work.

  3. Very effective! The addition of fabrics adds a depth to the water and your treatment of the horizon is just perfect!

  4. Your piece of fabric is perfect and I like how you have suggested the horizon. Beautiful and very delicate.

  5. The dyeing with the tube has given a really good result and your working with different fabrics and threads create a nice quilt.

  6. Very nice dyed fabrics. Very effective. I enjoyed your interpretation.

  7. Well done! I like how the tiny buildings on the horizon highlight the broad sweep of the water.

  8. I really like the fabric you dyed for this work. It looks perfect. A stunning work!

  9. studiociboulette

    I love the way you dyed the fabric. Awesome!

  10. The dyeing technique you used work really well here. The horizon and the subtle color changes give it movement and depth. Well done.

  11. I love your dyed fabric and the layers you have used to build up the overall impression of the grey misty day. The addition of your windmills mark the border between air and water and add just the right amount of depth. A lovely piece

  12. Just like a grey winter day. I love the way you have marked the horizon.

  13. A very moody piece really well portrayed. Lovely dyed fabric

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