Lin Hsin-Chen – When East Meets West – Deposit of Wisdom

No matter you are from eastern or western, we are all pursuing happiness.
Are we really happy?
People should overcome adversity, and separate the wheat from the chaff.
Go through the hardship of life, so that our heart will enjoy peace and ease, and pursue the carefree happiness.

When we were young, we cared for material things and eventful life.
After middle age, if lucky, we learn to give.
Wisdom can be a deposit; it increases as our spiritual level grows.
Just like human beings awed by giant trees in the nature world.

Let’s learn to let go!
Let go of all the things that you’re afraid of.
Enjoy crystal-clear and trouble-free existence.
Hold the pure, transparent and elegant flower of life.

In this work, I give up my customary use of colors.
I use slender lines and multi-layered techniques instead.
An empty flower, a vague concept.
It requires a different courage to take the challenge.
Most importantly, I am willing to make change to accumulate my deposit of wisdom.
I wish you all have abundant wisdom deposits.

Materials: commercial cottons, linen, acrylic paints, ribbon, Romanian threads
Techniques: Mola, hand appliqué, hand embroidered, hand quilted, acrylic dyeing

Deposit of Wisdom_Lin_full


Close up View:

Deposit of Wisdom_Lin_detail


  1. Lin, I very much like this “less is more” piece. Lovely! Thank you.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    Lin I love this piece ! the way you worked with an economy of colour and the philosophy behind this stylish flower !

  3. Lin, I really like the way you have challenged yourself to work in a different way to produce such a successful result.

  4. Very nice words of wisdom and your different way of working. Simple and effective.

  5. What a great introduction to your work and I love how you have accepted the challenge and produced a beautiful piece of work.

  6. Thank you all for the comments and liking my work! I had a great time creating this piece and had lots of meaningful thinking.

  7. joanbrailsford

    Lin I love the thoughts behind your design, and I agree that the use of a minimal colour palette works very well for this design. Beautifully done once again

  8. A very different approach of the theme. You created a nice quilt.


    Beautiful, both your thoughts and your quilt. I agree with the comments above, less is more!

  10. This is wonderful to look at – a great embodiment of letting go!

  11. A beautiful piece, using a more subdued palette than your usual colourful pieces. The less is more appeals to me too.

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