Paola Zanda – A

A for Angel

For challenge A, I chose Angel. From the Gothic chapel of our Church of Santa Marta, I took the image of Archangel Michael .Paolo, as usual, took the picture and printed it on fabric.

Techniques: Machine freehand embroidery. Machine appliqué.

Material: Fabric manipulation with different overlapping techniques and using acrylic colours. , Sewing machine threads of cotton, polyester, metallic for embroidery. HeatnBond Lite, Vlieseline Stickvlies, synthetic wadding.


Full series:


  1. Delighted to an archangel amongst your characters, what a great selection of pieces you have recreated from the church. Once again your stitching is incredible with so much attention to detail, I love him!

  2. A delightful way to complete your series, your stitching and detail always amaze me. bravo

  3. Looking at your series is just breathtaking ! Beautifully excecuted, and a great harmony for each pieces ! congratulations Paola !

  4. The perfect conclusion to a beautiful series. I am in awe of your stitching and attention to the very small details.

  5. I so admire all your freehand embroidery. This is such a wonderful addition to your series.
    I love them all. Bravo.

  6. A great piece. I love your embroidery. You created a beautiful series.

  7. This series is awe-inspiring! All of your embroidery and detail is visually exciting, each face is most realistic. Good job!

  8. Another beautiful addition to your series and the stitching is once again amazing, giving so much detail to the piece. Well done

  9. A great addition to your series. I love the detail created by your stitching, and the variegated thread looks really good here.

  10. That’s exactly what was needed for your collection- an angel- to be fully completed. It is just perfect and your collection is very impressive. Bravo!

  11. The images you’ve chosen from the Church of Santa Marta for your series are amazing. They look like they belong in a museum! The stitching and the attention to detail is stunning. Well done Paola!

  12. Fantastic series, love your contemporary medieval take on the idea!

  13. Paola, your whole series is so impressive. All the different needle techniques in every part of it. The subtle embroidery, incredible. The patience radiates, a great series!

  14. studiociboulette

    Great piece. The embroidery is so pretty. Beautiful series. Bravo

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