Chantal Guillermet – A

A for Ambiose

Visiting the city of Amboise and Clos Lucé  – the last home of Leonardo da Vinci – I took pictures in the park where botanical reproductions were on display among vegetation. This is my inspiration.

During this summer I did some ecoprinting tests and decided to use one of them in my composition. This small branch is coming from my garden, but the print being too pale I decided to enhance it with inktense blocks. I chose my background  from my hand dyed fabrics matching the colour with the inktense painting and appliqued my ecoprinted pannel in the middle.

From the original branch I made a stencil with freezer paper and used it to print the background fabric using metallic paints. I free motion quilted all my motifs with rayon thread.

The strings I used to make my ecoprinting bundles had left marks on the fabric, I used them as embroidery lines and also used running stitch around leaves.

The name “Amboise” is machine stitch and painted, the quilt is faced.


Full series:

  1. A very delicate and refined piece which finishes off your series very nicely. The metallic paint gives a real sheen to the leaves. Great work.

  2. Beautiful last element to complete your travel memories. Love the delicacy of colours and shape of the plant, well done!

  3. The eco dying and stencil compliment each other another delicate design to end your series. Bravo

  4. A lovely quilt and an inspiring background story. The ecoprints work very well and are of such beautiful delicate colour. Very neat stitching! Your have completed a lovely series.

  5. The eco print is lovely, but I like the way you added more colour to the print. Using the same shape to print on the background brings it together. A great series with good memories for you.

  6. I love your subtle elegant colours. It is so much YOU. Beautiful printing in the background and a very smart solution to embroider the string marks. A very nice travel series! Bravo.

  7. That’s so much more than just photographs- travel memories expressed in art. Your style brings all those places together.

  8. This is a charming way to save travel memories. The eco-dying is intriguing and I would most definitely like to know more about the process. The chosen color palette is very restful.

  9. I love this piece and it’s delicate yet detailed feel. The techniques you have used have produced a stunning end to a wonderful series,

  10. These colours are so gentle. The whole quilt is beautiful but I particularly like the use of the stencil to echo the leaves in the background.

  11. I always admire your ability of using many techniques that always results in perfect piece.I love how the leaves in a background repeats the center piece image.

  12. The layering of the eco printing and the stenciling create beautiful soft shapes, colors and depth that give your quilt a delicate and light feel. It reminds me of a page out of a botanical illustration book. Well done Chantal, stunning end to your travel series.

  13. What a lovely way to end your series Chantal. The over all colour palette is very consistent, and your designs are great. Love the way you repeated your ecoprint motive in the background!

  14. The colour palette, their delicacy and elegance are your signature. I really like the use of the stencil. A wonderful piece to complete your travel series. Bravo!

  15. studiociboulette

    Beautiful printing, the colors are so pretty and you quilting enhances the design. I love your travel series, specially your color palette.

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