Bozena Wojtaszek – Country – Emblems

Hope it is easy to recognize the country of my choice for this year challenges. Proud rooster, baguettes, simple jars of Bonne Maman produces are emblematic for my picture of France.

I put them on the background of Provencal landscape and topped with ribbon of grapes.

All is done with my standard methods – applique and simple quilting.

Detail views:

  1. Bozena, you are right, it is easy to recognize the country you have chosen. And I must confess it was my second choice. But the love of country prevailed. The symbols chosen perfectly represent the nation. I especially love your proud Rooster. Bravo!

  2. I recognised it as France and I love the way that you have depicted it. I love the cockerel, what good fabric choice and the stitching really makes it. Great work look forward to the rest of the series!

  3. I am glad to see France represented in the challenge ! Thank you Bozena ! Your rooster is beautiful and the baguette obvious but I did not know the Bonne Maman products were so representative outside the country !

  4. I didn’t guess the country but I recognized your style, Bozena. It is amazing how you find everything in your kitchen! Love the 3D effect of the jar cover and the rooster, of course.

  5. Love it, love it! We spent one glorious week a few years back, touring the French countryside. I immediately recognized the trademark checkerboard top on the jam. And how can you visit this region without enjoying the baguettes?! You have brought back memories of one of my most favorite tours!

  6. I thought it was France with the rooster, great design and quilting.

  7. It’s like looking through a window in one of your kitchen quilt series, totally your style. I was half wrong, I should of known better. A beautiful, serene countryside picnic scene, lovely!

  8. That was easy to guess! Don’t know why the rooster is iconic, but the baguette, grapes and Bonne Maman gave it all away. What a proud rooster. Love your fabric choices. Looking at your quilt makes me long to travel ti France again! Well done.

  9. I guessed it right away, but just like Elsy I didn’t know the rooster was iconic. But I love the way how you have executed him. Th 3 D cover of the jar is very effective too.
    Lovely quilt and an extension of your kitchen style. Well done.

  10. What a joyous and colourful way to depict your country, I love the fresh feel you have created and the elements are beautifully done. The background is perfect to display all of the emblems. Wonderful

  11. Well chosen fabrics, Bozena. The rooster is very well executed. Of course France is baguettes and Bonne Maman. I always love a 3-D element.

  12. A great choice of icons from your country. The construction of your quilt is very effective and I just love the rooster.

  13. studiociboulette

    Hmmm, a baguette and confiture, my favorite meal. I love how you represent France. Love the piecing of your background and of course the rooster is perfect. Beautiful and joyful quilt. love it.

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