Margaret Horton – Memories – Happy Days

When I was quite young, my family lived in the south of England, only a short distance from the beach, where we were lucky enough to have a beach hut.  I suspect at that time these huts did not cost the vast amounts of money they do now, as my family was not at all wealthy.

My memory travelled back to the time when after school, my friends and I would cycle to the beach, staying as long as we could until hunger won out and we had to go home for our meal.  The best times though were when my mum would be at the beach to meet me with a picnic.  She is now 96 years old and unfortunately doesn’t remember these good times.

As this memory is of my early years, I have kept the design quite naive and unsophisticated.  I can’t decide whether I enjoyed doing the quilt so much because of the memory it evoked, or if it was the use of such bright and joyful coloured fabrics, either way, it felt good and I very much enjoy the process of working through our themes.

Happy Days quiltMH


Close up view:

Happy Days close upMH

  1. Margaret, I’ve never been to the British sea-side, but your memories piece brings it alive — all cheerful candy-colour, sunshine, blue sky and warm sand. Thank you!

  2. I used to do exactly the same thing Margaret. Your quit brought back many happy memories for me too of fun at the beach even if the weather wasn’t warm we still enjoyed ourselves. Such a happy piece. Diana

  3. Memories of days at the beach, this is such a colourful quilt and your technique for the beach offsets the wonderful beach huts..lost of memories here.

  4. I recently spent a weekend on the South Coast, our first visit, this captures the fun of those beach huts and the gorgeous colours, lovely

  5. roslyn schneider

    I’ve glanced thru your work and it really speaks to me. I’ll come back to look more carefully.
    I love your beach huts and with your permission I might want to make one. I’m looking for ideas to make my first postcards after spending the day at Sanibel and so far, your colors,
    especially the pink, speak to me!!(Susan Schlesinger recommended..)

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