Eke Krug – Squares

Squares from old experiments

The subject ‘Square’ was a struggle for me. I searched the dictionary for a good translation and after I found that, I looked for the definitions of square. It says that a square has four sides and four 90 degree angles. In my opinion it seems very difficult to make an exciting design with that. But at least I can try to make it comfortable for me.

I start with a journey through my stash looking for what is interesting to use, catching my eye immediately and usable for the square project. In the box with little experiments are some very interesting things. A wrapper of an ice cream that I shrunk by heating, unused parts of drawings on lutrador that I used to make jewelry, a golden, lacelike piece of Tyvek. These are the ingredients that I can imagine in a square work. For the background I take synthetic felt and colour it with transfer paint on paper. And,  to make it less squarelike, I use some little feathers, Angelina fiber and colour web to get some structure in it.

After laying all the pieces in place,  synthetic organza is put on top of it, with Vliesofix in between to bond the organza. The stitching is done and after that the organza is partly burned away. Some squares of lutrador, T-shirt fabric and a bronze decoration netting are added on top of it.  Finally some bronze mettalic threads are sewed on it in square form, to give the piece some cohesion. Squares still not are my favorites, but the way it worked out is fine for me.

Materials: Synthetic felt, synthetic organza, Tyvek, lutrador, ice cream wrapper, colour web, feathers, bronze synthetic thread, bronze synthetic netting, Angelina fiber, Angelina shear, batting, background fabric,  cotton sewing threads.

Technique: Raw edge applique, machine stitching, burning with heat gun.


Close up views;

  1. I’d love to see this in person — so much texture!

  2. studiociboulette

    very interesting textures. I love your color combinations. It is beautiful

  3. I really like your approach of “squares” ! You have made the subject yours by adding the different pieces from your stash and giving texture.

  4. Eke, this came out as an interesting piece with all the different materials in one colorscheme.
    The stitched aquarel brings it all together.

  5. I love the harmony of the colours and the way that you have used so many different materials to pull the piece together. Lovely work!

  6. Impressionable use of techniques, materials, and colors. Lovely.

  7. I love the antique feeling of this piece. Beautiful texture and colours. it is so you Eke.

  8. Stunning interpretation, love the details and design.

  9. English quilter

    You were able to incorporate a wonderful array of materials into this piece—many of them quite unexpected. I love the rich colour and the subtle effects you have created through the different materials. The linear stitching also helps to convey the geometric nature of the subject matter.

  10. Lots of techniques and materials make this so interesting. I like the story of its evolution.

  11. I love the interest that is created by using the layers of fabric and decorative pieces. This has real depth of colour and pattern, and you have triumphed over your dislike of `squares`.

  12. Cool textures and tones. Very nice composition.

  13. What a lovely, textured piece Eke. The rich tones, different materials and details really work well together.

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