Greetje Hein – When East Meets West – Friendship Bridge

When I read about this challenge we were in Costa Rica for our holidays. We stopped at a parking lot near the largest bridge of Costa Rica. On the statue was this explanation: This bridge is donated by the Government of the Republic of China and constructed by the Taiwan R.S.E.A. Engeneering Corporation. The construction started in 2000 and completed in 2002. The Government of the Republic of Costa Rica denominated it “Taiwan Friendship Brigde” to symbolize the fraternal ties  between two nations. I took some pictures of the statue and the bridge and knew the design of my quilt.

A bridge connects east and west. This bridge symbolizes the friendship between east and west. The east part of my quilt is like the Japanese/Chinese traditional techniques, the west part more modern like the European/American techniques.

For the sky I used a piece of fabric I dyed with ice cubes. At the right side of my quilt (east) I used hand-pieced hexagons. On the left side (west) are machine pieced squares sewn on the original fabric. The bridge is fused from some leftovers from monoprinting with accents done with silver gilding paste.

For the trees I used the confetti technique: I cut green batik in small pieces and I scattered it on the background. I put black tulle over it and quilted it free motion. With a heat gun I burned some of the tulle away to get more air in the trees. The branches I did with embroidery thread and paint. The east part of the sky is hand quilted, the west part is machine quilted.

The text I stamped and painted.


friendship bridge


friendship bridge detail 2



    This is a great way to explain the east and the west. A very nice piece, with a great diversity of techniques. Love the idea of using an original bridge and its meaning.

  2. I really like your interpretation, Greetje! The sky — merging the techniques — and the confetti for the trees are particularly wonderful…and the use of the Chinese letters. Do you have a translation?

  3. English quilter

    What a lovely interpretation of the theme. The mixture of techniques gives it great character.

  4. Chantal Guillermet

    I like this piece : especially the way you treated the background, one side with the hexagons and one side withe the squares! great idea !

  5. Chantal Guillermet

    I like your piece; especially the way you’ve treated the background with hexagons on one side and squares on the other. Great idea !

  6. A really lovely piece and a very unusual subject, well done it is beautifully constructed.

  7. Really beautiful Greetje. I love your interpretation of the theme, all the different techniques and the use of the chinese letters. Very well done!

  8. What a wonderful interpretation, Greetje! It is absolutely eye-catching. I am surprised and excited to read about the story about the bridge in Costa Rica. Thank you for making such a lovely piece. Well done!

  9. You have made a lovely interpretation of the subject, and the techniques you have used are very clever. I especially like the way you have built up the texture for the trees, and the way you have varied the sky techniques.

  10. Beautiful work with attention to fine detail. Bravo

  11. Your clever use of so many different techniques to express the east meets west theme shows a great depth of talent and thought. I love the treatment of the trees and sky.

  12. I love this quilt. In particular, I love the background design – hexagons and squares. I also love the inventive use of surface design techniques, and the subtle application of text to the background.

  13. I really like you interpretation of the theme and the way your sky is made up of east and west

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